RRB Begins Our Ninth Year!

Posted April 3rd, 2017 by Iron Mike

Eight years ago – April 2009 – we were reeling in disbelief at that specter of anti-Americanism our voters had just put into the White House.   Making matters worse for Patriots was how instantly his supporters would dismiss and brand any criticism – as RACIST!

The nation was being cowed into meek submissiveness – in exactly the same way Hitler’s SA silenced political opposition in the early 1930s.  Yes, it was frightening.
We needed a way to speak to other Patriots.

Today as we watch the Left – aided by the Propaganda Ministry (the media) try to spin a tale of Russian Conspiracy around Trump and his key advisers,…we STILL don’t have Obama’s REAL Birth Certificate….

But,…you’re clearly a racist if you mention it….

We STILL haven’t seen his college papers, his diplomas, or any of his writings for the Harvard Law Review….

But,…you’re clearly a racist if you mention it….

No one has yet explained how Loretta Fuddy – a very FAT lady – was the ONLY person to drown in that December 2013 plane crash….

But,…you’re clearly a racist if you mention it….


And so began this humble blog,….and my stumbling journey into spell-checking and photo editing.  The first entries were very primitive….I am a slow learner.

We managed to gain a nationwide following the day Glenn Beck read the Coakley piece on his radio show.   Too bad that Scott Brown proved himself such a back-stabbing RiNO,….I have never in my life seen a politician turn on his supporters and waste so much nation-wide good will.

We learned the hard way,…RiNOs are no better than Democrats.

That is particularly true here in Massachusetts, – where the MassGOP was infiltrated years ago by fake Republicans – Dems in disguise,…to ensure that the GOP here remains silent and neutered.

Today’s MassGOP Chair is the Mouseketeer – a pro-abortion anti-gun fraud.  If we’d had a real Republican party here – there would never have been a TEA Party. 

Given how badly – and how often – our ‘so-called’ Republican governor has stabbed us in the back,….he is most likely serving his one-and-only term.

November 8th 2016:  DELIVERANCE!  God must have decided we’d suffered enough – and send in Trump and Pence to stop the bleeding.

Folks,  I cannot stress enough – that Trump cannot save America.  At best he can only stop the bleeding,…and maybe put a few Patriots on the Court.

The rest is up to us.  TOTALLY up to us!

WE must clean the traitors out of our school systems,  – our classrooms,  and our colleges.  They are dumbing down and poisoning our youth – making historically-ignorant slogan-spouting political idiots of tomorrow’s decision makers.

If you wouldn’t let a stranger feed poison to your kid – why are you letting union school teachers do it 5 days a week?

Seriously Folks,…if today you’re in your 30s or 40s, – you won’t like living here in your old age if the Bernie Babes ever gain control of our state and federal governments.

Of course we didn’t do this alone.   We gratefully acknowledge the tireless work of our nationwide network of Trained Agents and our 3rd Shift Research Staff,  – who typically turn up a crushing volume of LibTurd outrages – too many to deal with in a small blog. 

If only more states had laws sanctifying Justifiable Homicide….

RRB has had to reset our counters several times over these past eight years,  – we even had to have the Blog migrated to a newer more robust server.  We’ve been viewed well over 10,000,000 times – from every nation on earth – even Antarctica!

Yes,  success and viewership are satisfying,…particularly in the face of so much evil in politics,…and so much stupidity in some sectors of our society.

Sadly we’ve lost some wonderful viewers and commenters.  Old Soldiers I once marched with and old friends I stood out in protest with are gone,…and their insightful comments are deeply missed.  I think of them each time I hit the publish button,…and I hope they’re still reading RRB ‘up there‘….

Today the three greatest threats facing our Young Republic are:

(1). the spread of radical Islam (made worse by so many fools who don’t understand it),

(2). the ambitions of the Chinese government to dominate the world (they expect us to feed them in the 21st Century), and

(3). Union School Teachers in our public schools – who are mostly second-generation traitors to our Republic.

If you – and your kids – cannot explain what happened in the Russo-Japanese War,…and how the result of that war led to the most bloody century in the history of the world,…..then you’ve just made my point…

.and you have some studying to do.

REMEMBER: It’s the stuff you DON’T KNOW – that ends up killing you!

For our part, we’ll continue to publish for so long as viewers click in and patriots care enough to leave pithy and informative comments.

Somebody needs to point out that the real fascists are the liberals – who demand that you welcome illegal Mexicans and unvetted Muslims into your town,  give them EBT Cards,  – pay for bullshit environmental hoaxes,  – and are perfectly smug about Planned Parenthood murdering over 1,000,000 babies per year….

These are the same smug know-it-alls who took the children from Germany’s special-needs schools – directly to the death camps, – because it was a more efficient use of manpower….

We know how that ended,….or have we forgotten…?

Pray for our Young Republic Folks,…nobody else will!

17 Responses to “RRB Begins Our Ninth Year!”

  1. Hawk1776

    Congratulations on eight successful years Mike.

    TY Sir! You’ve helped!

  2. Leonard Mead

    Congratulations, Mike!

    Probably hundreds of liberals are alive today because you’ve used your time skewering them with your blog instead of literally wasting them (heh heh).

    Continued success!

    Len Mead
    Unwashed Conservative who ESCAPED Massachusetts

  3. Asusue

    Mike, keep up the good and vitally important work! Thank you.

  4. FLICK

    Birthers, racists, DEPLORABLES. You’ve helped me retain my self-esteem through all of that mean-spirited name calling over the last 8 years.

    Your unending Patriotism kept me sane during the worst 8 years in my Country’s history.

    Thanks Mike, here’s to many more!

  5. Varvara

    My, how time flies. I’ve been reading this blog that long? Well, Mike, a long life to you. We need a grumpy, old man to give us the low down on what’s really happening.

    Keep going, we need you.

  6. Jim Ettwein

    Another year begins. Things are better these days, due to you and RRB. The job is not done, of course. But labs feel the sting of their magnificent losses in recent years. Losses they suffered because the message against them rang loud and clear.
    While it’s great to think about winning, the losers will never stop their attempts to thwart America.
    Thanks for all you post and do to preserve our Republic. You are relentless. You are unwavering.

  7. Jim Ettwein

    …and, I meant Libs, in the above! 🙂

  8. Panther 6

    Agree with all the comments above. The nation needs you. We need more like you – but folks with your patriotism are few and far between. Thanks for all you do Mike – it is making a difference.

    Now it is up to us, your readers, to spread the RRB word to others and to get more folks reading your blog to help ensure that together we can save this country.

    Well done old friend. Congratulations on 8 great years. May there be many, many more. HOOOAAH!

  9. HDDAN

    I met you at the MacDonald’s in Acton about six months ago when I asked you if you were driving the SUV with the Second Amendment signs on it. I said that it was a pleasure to meet the State’s other Republican because I thought that surely there can not be more than two of us going by who we elect in our State. You gave me a business card with your blog on it and I have been enjoying your writings ever since. I ride a Harley and look like a Hippy, but I assure you that I am not. Thank you for the blog and please keep it going.

  10. Sherox

    Prayer, although an excellent thing, will not be sufficient. People of every age need to get off their butts; take responsibility for themselves, their families, and their towns; stop fighting among themselves; work like they have never worked in their lives to right what is wrong. Freedom isn’t free, but it is not just the military to whom that speaks; it speaks to every single American.

  11. GreenBeretLTC

    You mean I’ve been reading and writing to this blog for EIGHT YEARS???? Seems like just yesterday…..

    Cento anni, Bro…. A hundred years more….

  12. Sonny's Mom

    “To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child.”
    –Marcus Tullius Cicero

    Congratulations and respect, sir.

  13. Kojack

    Congrats, Mike, and thank you for eight years of exposing the lib-TURDs and the COMMUNITY AGITATOR for the anti-American, lying cowards that they are. Keep up the good work.

    As others have commented, it’s not over by a long shot; there is still a lot more to do and we out here have to do our part or it will all be for naught.


    TY for your support! It matters!

  14. dave surm

    Thank you Mike for telling the real truth for this long! You are a real patriot, and prove that with every post. Keep doing what you are doing!..Dave from Stow. We met at the Trump caucus..

  15. Frank L McNamara, Jr.

    Congratulations, Iron Mike, for eight years of courage in proclaiming the Truth!

    I never fail to be enriched by RRB, and I commend you for the time and talent that goes into something like this.

    From the delusional hysteria I’ve seen coming from the Left this past year, intensifying since the Glorious Revolution of November 8, 2016, it looks as though you won’t be running out of material anytime soon.



    TY Frank!

  16. Integrity1st

    Congrats on 8 years Mike. It hasn’t been easy and it’s exhausting just thinking of how much more needs to be done. I wonder just how many people even know of the odd death of the keeper of the Birth Certificates, let alone how many things that should be innocuous or normal to put out there, that still aren’t, i.e., “his college papers, his diplomas, or any of his writings for the Harvard Law Review….”

    Let’s see if my vagina hat supporting sister reads down this far. If so, please tell me your thoughts on this protest in front of Ivanka’s young children’s house: http://rabidrepublicanblog.com/can-a-queer-dance-save-mother-earth/.


    My thoughts…?

    Sadly it seems that for many people being ‘gay’ is far more than mere same-sex attraction. It seems it is also a genetic deficiency which craves constant attention – so they dress funny (or outrageous) and act up in public to attract attention….

    And it seems that as they get older, – there is a need escalate their attention-grabbing stunts. It would seem that at some point the issue of ‘sex’ is lost or forgotten in their quest for attention….

    I think is a sad way to go through life…..which is probably why so many gays do very dangerous things – or commit suicide.

  17. Herta Dane

    Dear Iron Mike:
    Thank you for speaking up, for resisting the propaganda and for being a true American citizen. You make me proud to be an American!


    TY M’Dear – thank you BOTH! I’m very proud of the kind of American you are!

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