Rigging The Election – Video II: Mass Voter Fraud

Posted October 18th, 2016 by Iron Mike

If Video I sickened you,  – go get your barf bucket. These folks display a ruthless indifference to our laws and to decency.

To them winning elections justifies anything and everything.   They’re already working on 2018.

4 Responses to “Rigging The Election – Video II: Mass Voter Fraud”

  1. Panther 6

    These folks along with dozens of demorat leaders should go to jail. Fox News has been all over this but I bet the MSM ignores it. As a nation we should unite and force the presentation of a valid ID to REGISTER and to VOTE. The thinking that says such an approach is locking out voters and in particular minorities is ridiculous.

  2. Clinton ma tea party

    This is spitting in the face of our founding fathers. Also These weasle bastards should be tried for crimes against our Republic and hanged.This also is staining the honor of the Americans who have sacrificed so much and others who have given their lives around the world protecting our country and Republic
    Treason all of them have committed treason and need to be brought to justice.

  3. MC

    Why Did Vote-Rigging Robert Creamer Visit The White House Over 200 Times During The Obama Admin


  4. Sherox

    I can absolutely assure you that there is voter fraud on every single level of government.