“Quantitative Easing”

Posted November 14th, 2010 by Iron Mike

See William C. Dudley in action: http://www.newyorkfed.org/multimedia/index.html?bclid=586412798001&bctid=659848986001

So how much of your money will go through Goldman Sachs and into Soros/Obama campaign coffers?

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts! 

BTW:  Dudley’s former boss at the NY Fed was none other than our “National Forehead” Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

3 Responses to ““Quantitative Easing””

  1. Perplexed Senior

    This is Economics 101. After watching this video and ask yourself, do these people know what the hell they are doing? Where is the outrage in the MSM or in the Capitol? Why do you think the recent Obamaexcursion met with such animosity in Asia and Europe? Are Geitner and Bernake and Dudley competent? Why are the House and Senate worried about banning “pork” aka “earmarks”, when the economy is crashing down all around us? This administration from the top down is absolutely clueless and someone better standup and start impeachment peoceedings before it is too late.

  2. Rabid Republican

    I was just going to post this same video. It’s illuminating, educational, enlightening, and, yes, hilarious. Well, almost hilarious… if it weren’t so true. rr

  3. Perplexed Senior

    Do you think that this video might even work with the “dumbed down” Massachusetts electorate?