Patrice Tierney Pleads GUILTY!

Posted October 6th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Congressman John Tierney is the “Perfect Liberal Democrat” – a man devoid of scruples. 

How devoid?  He’s voted for EVERYTHING Pelosi asked him to.  Sort of a male version of Barney Frank or Niki Tsongas.

He’s been sitting in Congress since Jan 1997, and is so closely tied to Nancy Pelosi that her daughter Christine served as his Chief of Staff from 2001 – 05.  I think that qualifies him for the title of “insider”. 

He has a near 100% score for his voting record from the ADA.  He has accumulated a campaign war chest of $1.3 million.  With that war chest some folks think he might run against Scott Brown in 2012.

But today is a bad day in the Tierney family.  Mrs. Tierney – a former message therapist – will plead GUILTY to some nasty tax evasion charges.  She could be looking at some big fines and even jail time.  Her brothers ran a gambling operation in Antigua [off shore Caribbean island nation southeast of the US Virgin Islands], and she laundered the cash.  And got caught.  Oops.

Tierney issued a statement saying that she was “willfully blind” to her brothers’ activities.  Hmmm, how ’bout “willfully criminal”.  Oh, I forgot,  Democrat royalty don’t pay taxes, they park their yachts in neighboring states, carry cash to their villas in France, or their ‘cottages’ in Ireland.  Taxes?  Taxes are for those fools who actually work real jobs for a living. 

So wife Patrice pleads guilty. She’ll be sentenced on Jan 13th.  Her two brothers are indicted.  One is still a fugitive.  And her son [former marriage] was found with a large stash of cocaine in 2000.  Sound like your standard-issue Massachusetts Democratic political family?  Probably a shoe-in for the 2012 Dem Senate Primary.  Yeah, match those credentials Martha!  HA!  I wonder how much of Tierney’s war chest came from the Antigua operation?

Had enough Tierney?  This year you have a choice.  Vote Bill Hudak!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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  1. britsarmymom

    Hudak all the way. I hope “sunlight” is the best disinfectant and light dawns on Marblehead. Great timing.