Our Country As We Knew It…

Posted December 30th, 2013 by Iron Mike

               …has probably been destroyed by our inattention.
ith 2014 and the all-important mid-term elections facing us – will we resort to ballots or bullets to restore order?   Do enough of our Citizens understand the problems;  do enough of them care?

There are strong arguments to be made for using the Mid-Terms to return control of Congress to men and women who actually believe in our Constitution.  For Massachusetts this means dumping all nine (9) existing progressives, – and retiring Markey.

Across our Nation it means dumping all the Democrats who voted for ObamaCare, and the RiNOs who went along with it – and with raising our debt ceiling.   With so many welfare-sucking EBT voters, – this may be a tall order.

The “Press” will not be with us.   They’ll either pervert and twist the truth [as in the NY Times whitewash of Hillary and Benghazi] – or in most cases they just DON’T REPORT important stories.  Worse, most report half a story – – just enough to give it an ugly TEA Party / old white men twist.

Word to the wise:   If we can’t pull Congress out of the Liberal Quicksand in November, – and derail the Hillary freight train,….your grandchildren WILL grow up in a socialist country.

Maybe this is the year you invest in a couple of guns?   And stockpile some ammo?   Just in case?


It is hardly ‘racist’ for Americans to expect Congress and the President to respect and work within the bounds of our Constitution.

Ruling ClassIt is TOTALLY REASONABLE to expect that any law passed MUST APPLY to members of Congress and the President.

Why would it ever be otherwise, – unless they see themselves as ‘the ruling class’?

Since a national system of government-mandated and government-run healthcare is NOT in our Constitution,  – it is entirely reasonable that Congress acknowledge the blunder, and KILL ObamaCare.

When 1 of every 10 ‘working’ Americans – actually ‘works’ for some branch of government [fed – state – local] – it’s time to realize things ARE OUT OF HAND, – and that it IS TIME to shrink government.

It is TOTALLY REASONABLE to expect immigrants to the USA to come here legally, – no matter if they’re coming from Ireland, India, China, or Mexico.  It is TOTALLY REASONABLE that they learn English and adopt our culture – not insist that we honor or celebrate theirs.  They should be self-supporting, and not living on government handouts and EBT cards.

We have a RIGHT to expect our Federal Government to protect and defend our southern border – and to stop both human smuggling and drug smuggling.

Dumbing down and weakening our military forces in the name of ‘political correctness and social justice’ will make us more likely to be attacked – by Islamic extremists and by the Chinese.  Marines who can’t do pullups – can’t fight – PERIOD!

3 Responses to “Our Country As We Knew It…”

  1. Varvara

    Iron Mike strikes again! I don’t have the time or space to comment on all of the above so I’ll just take the last paragraph. The Marines, tall and proud, have a tradition of never leaving anyone behind. Could someone explain to me how a 5’5″ tall, 140lb female can carry a 6’2″, 210lb fellow Marine, with his gear, back to safety?

    Well, just one more…. In Great Briton the largest employer is the NHS. Read government. In USA, 1 out of 10 now works for the government.

    May the good Lord help us.

  2. Casey Chapman

    We need to get our country back. The Blaze is the only news outlet that tells the truth unvarnished. The so called justice dept which is supposed to hand out justice evenly, does quite the opposite.
    The New York Times is trying to say that video is responsible for Benghazi.

  3. Tom Gilroy

    Everything you have said is painfully true. Those of us who have been fighting the fight are becoming disillusioned with our own party, most of which want to play the bipartisan get along to go along game. This is no more than surrender. When do the Dems ever play this game? The answer is never.

    If these RiNOs cave to immigration reform, it is over and the Republic will cease to exist, socialism will be the new ideology.

    Maybe the only answer is to return to the ideals of the 1770s and take back our country. May the Good Lord watch over the patriots in the coming year this may be the year of our destiny.