Oops! Sorry! No Virgins For You!

Posted November 15th, 2013 by Iron Mike

A perfect example of why the US should STAY OUT of the Syrian mess:  members of the ISIL behead a ‘captive’ – only to find out he was actually a commander in their allied terrorist group – the Ahrar al-Sham.
Beheading Mohammed Fares

Mohammed Fares
, – sorry Bub, – nobody here is going to miss you.

Folks,  these are the “good rebels” that McCain is urging Obama to back with weapons, training, and money.  Sooner or later – if not stopped – Obama will have US boots there on the ground.

Syrian Beheadings #2
Am I making you squeamish? 
This ancient savagery goes on every day there. 

If we were involved,  our own troops would be beheaded if captured.

After 20 centuries of Christianity,  these are the peaceful Muslims’ we’re asked to ‘coexist’ with.

We’re expected to accept their religion as equal to all others?
Syrian Beheading #3

What do you THINK these ‘Peaceful Muslims’ will do if they ever become even a significant minority here?

And yet, – Democrats want you to surrender your guns?

Oh,  and if you stand outside any Mosque in America today, – you will hear their Imams preaching against this kind of savagery.  Sure you will….

5 Responses to “Oops! Sorry! No Virgins For You!”

  1. Tom

    Until the so called moderate Imams coalesce and reject the terrorists and fanatics in their midst, all Muslims must be considered to be a serious threat to the nonmuslim world. In spite of the fact that our administration has been innoculated with the PC vaccine and are forbidden from calling a terrorist a terrorist and an illegal an illegal. The administration is in fact not an administration but a dictatorial cartel.

  2. Blossom Stiefel

    We are at war with radical Islam and our freedom is at stake. Obama has been a close ally to the Muslim Brotherhood and their Egyptian leaders. Muslim Brotherhood people have been granted access to the highest levels of our government, they help shape Obama’s new anti-American security policies.

    Treasonous Islamic activism is at an all time high in America. Yet our Justice Department not only ignores it, it embraces it.

    For the last 5 years Obama and his Administration has gone to great lengths to shield and encourage aggressive Islamist influence inside the United States and elsewhere.
    Wake up America before it’s too late.

  3. Varvara

    Moderate Muslims, who just want to be left alone, to say their prayers, give to charity and mind their own business are terrified to speak up. They know what would happen to them if they try to come into this century.

  4. Kojack

    There are no moderate Muslims in spite of what the left wants you to think.

    In an informal survey at a gathering in Norway, rank and file Muslims were asked if it was OK with them if adulterers and gays were stoned to death. Almost unanimously they raised their hands in aproval.

    After the Boston Marathon bombing Jeff Kuhner on WRKO set up an anonymous hotline for several days afterward exclusively for Muslims to call in and condemn it. Not one call was received.

    Finally, if you want to find out for yourself, ask any Muslims you know personaly if they would condemn sharia law which is not compatable to the US constitution. Don’t be surprised at the answer.

  5. Casey Chapman

    I hate to break it to you. They are a significant minority here. AND a SPECIAL PROTECTED class. Especially with uncle Barry in charge. I’ve long suspected that he’s a member of the brotherhood. No way to prove it at the moment, but after he’s dragged from office at the end of his 2nd term, they’ll find all kinds of evidence——-and be shocked! Shocked, I say!