Oil Fire In Casselton, North Dakota

Posted December 31st, 2013 by Iron Mike

Remember when SecState Hillary Clinton first canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline – on ‘environmental grounds’?  That was back in Nov 2011.  She was ‘protecting’ the Ogallala Aquifer, – remember?
Hillary Clinton Trainwreck
Back then we told you that it WASN’T about protecting the aquifer, – it was about making Billionaire Democrat contributor Warren BuffetRICHER!   Today Casselton, ND pays the price for her evil.


Savvy Americans have known for decades about the Bakkan oil fields in North Dakota and Canada.  Only in recent years have the really smart ones figured out how much oil is in those tar sands.   The trick would be getting it to the refineries in Texas and Louisiana.   Thus the need for the Keystone XL Pipeline.

But of course ANY use of ANY fossil fuel outrages the Green Earth MovementCarbon is a dirty word to them, – particularly with Al Gore getting rich trading ‘Carbon Credits’.


After Obama was elected,  Warren Buffett bought the BNSF Railroad – with tracks already in place from Canada, across the Dakotas, – south.  HIS TRAINS would haul the oil, and he’s get richer.   Any thoughts of a pipeline had to be squashed.   QUICK, – call Hillary!
BNSF Tracks
And so the environmentalists [including the PAID ones in BOLD Nebraska – run by Buffet’s investment buddy Dick Holland] danced with JOY as the pipeline was squashed by Hillary and Obama throughout the 2012 election year.


Quietly there’s an OIL BOOM going on in the Dakotas.  Since most of the land is private – oil companies have come in to drill.   Jobs are plentiful,  they pay well,  and towns are growing.  Until the pipeline is built – Buffet is getting rich.

BUT, – while pipelines have a wonderful record of safety,  – trains,…not so much.   One of Buffet’s oil cars clipped a grain car,  and now Casselton has to be evacuated.

How many more dangerous train wrecks and oil spills until the pipeline is built?

4 Responses to “Oil Fire In Casselton, North Dakota”

  1. Tom

    Will this be covered in the MSM? All I have seen is the fireball with no mention of Buffets train. His trains carry all of the oil from the shale depisits in the Dakotas and the Canadian plains. Remember the train explosion last July 4th in Lac Megantic, Quebec? The owner of that train line committed suicide. The Dems and their mega contributors have no conscious or shame, so the names of Hillary, Obama or Buffet will not be connected to this story.

  2. Timothy Roesch

    The real problem here is that the forces of liberalism have no fear of being found out to be liars. They think there is no downside to lying.

    They look at other places and think all they have to do is keep pushing.

    When will they be pushed back?

  3. Casey Chapman

    The main problem isn’t the trains. The main problem is the lack of maintenance on the tracks. Regardless of which railroad has trackage rights. This is why I’ll never ride Amtrak again. They have no trackage of their own, and the UP owners don’t do enough maintenance. BNSF was always worse. Keystone pipeline would solve 2 problems. Exploding cars and the need for fixing the railroad tracks.

  4. Kojack

    This is just another example of crony capitalism which actually isn’t capitalism at all but economic fascism, where the big donors to the administration in power are rewarded thru anti-capitalist policy decisions. The current Marxist regime with its anti-American, Muslim leader has this practice down to an art and is emboldened by the lack of will and intestinal fortitude of the spineless RiNO opposition.