Obama’s Lost Black Generation

Posted October 13th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Not since the days of Martin Luther King Jr. has a Black Man had such an opportunity to influence the lives of young Americans.
Vonderitt D Myers Jr
When Obama was sworn in 2092 days ago – Vonderitt D. Myers, Junior would have been just 12 years old. For each day of his short teenage life, Vonderitt, aka “Droop”, had a Black President to look up to.

So why did he die in a gun battle with a Saint Louis policeman?

St Louis protests

Saint Louis has erupted anew with protesting Blacks – claiming that young Droop was shot for holding a sandwich. They’ve ignored the stolen 9mm Ruger recovered at the scene – along with the four (4) empty shell casings from the four shots he fired at the cop.

Vonderitt Droop Myers

I guess we can all be relieved that marksmanship training doesn’t happen much in Saint Louis street gangs.

In too many Black minds, the cops are to blame when a teenage thug fires at police – and is killed. It seems that 60+ years of preaching Victimhood has worked far better than teaching self-respect and personal responsibility.

Droop” needed a stolen pistol to feel any level of respect. It’s not the kind of social problem that can be solved by throwing government money at it.

Did you hear that the night Droop was shot, he was supposed to be at home under house arrest and was wearing an ankle monitor? Learning from his mistakes wasn’t one of his personal strengths…

192 rounds of golf in 2092 days, – roughly once every nine days… Did you EVER hear of Obama taking some inner-city kids out on the links?

Obama 192 rounds of golf

Have you EVER heard of Obama spending an afternoon with inner-city kids?

I haven’t!

He moved into the White House, Camp David, Martha’s Vineyard, Gwyneth Paltrow’s home, and Air Force One, – and never looked back.

Obama arrives at another fundraiser

No, – I’m not saying that Obama could have saved every young Black gangbanger. BUT he should have acted to inspire and motivate them.

Instead, he has ignored and abandoned them to their fate – be they Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Vonderitt Myers, – or the ones that will die tonight.

Anybody ever see Attorney General Eric Holder doing any outreach in the Black inner-city communities?

Obama and Holder would rather blame White Americans than be living examples for young Blacks.

By now Black Americans should be seething at the fraud and the squandered opportunity. When will young Blacks ever trust a Black politician again?

Obama's Son Droop

Why has Obama paid more attention to illegal immigrants – than he has to America’s inner city Black and Hispanic kids?

7 Responses to “Obama’s Lost Black Generation”

  1. mark

    He was a good boy, a very good boy.

  2. Varvara

    And when a black, person of color, etc. does make it out by his own merit they are called ‘Uncle Tom’.

  3. Tom Gilroy

    This is more of an epidemic or a pandemic than Ebola or entrovirus D68, but where is the CDC equivalent, it is the local police who in the opinion of the national media, the black community and the race pimps and our former AG are always suspect. But unlike the CDC they are constantly in the front lines many times without the protective equipment, but always put in the position that they are guilty until they prove themselves innocent which is French, not US law. There is no respect for these first responders sworn to protect the citizens of their Communities, they are forced into what is similar to a witness protection program because they are under threat of death. This is what we have become under the Obama/Holder, Jackson/Sharpton era. God help us all!!

  4. Casey Chapman

    Actually, Obama did his 200th round on Sunday. His priorities seem to be:
    2.illegals.the sicker, the better.
    3.muslims all over the world
    4.socializing the country
    5.messing over the military.

  5. Tim Roesch

    So, when do we stop whining about all of this? When is the evidence enough? When do we stop pointing emphatically at the obvious and START doing something that works and matters?

  6. Hawk1776

    “When will young Blacks ever trust a Black politician again”? Tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and the day after the day after tomorrow …. As long as the politician is black other blacks will vote vote him or her. The better question is “when will whites ever trust a Black politician again”?

  7. kojack

    @ Tim Roesch – Amen…I’ve been saying the same thing.

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