Obama’s Climate-Change Nazi – QUITS!

Posted October 8th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Maybe she looked at the increase of Polar sea ice – maybe she looked at what 5 years with Obama did to her face….Heather Zichal

In any case – Obama’s Spite House Climate Change ‘advisor‘ – Heather Zichal is quitting.   Maybe he’s not getting enough political mileage out of her,  – maybe folks are waking up,  – or maybe at 37 she looked in the mirror?

OK you feminists, – before you rank on me for commenting on her LOOKS, – ponder THIS:  This chick – with only a bachelor’s from Rutgers – and ZERO field experience – was advising the President on Climate Change Policy?

2 Responses to “Obama’s Climate-Change Nazi – QUITS!”

  1. Tom

    We know that there are many disciples of Al Gore, Michael Mann and the UN Climate Change crowd ready and willing to fill the “void” left by Ms. Z. Valarie Jarret is conducting a nationwide search.

  2. Casey Chapman

    No matter how much proof we give that climate change is cyclical, not man caused, and designed by God, they won’t stop trying.