Obama Royalty – In Your FACE America!

Posted February 11th, 2014 by Iron Mike

…as President, – I can do whatever I want.”
Bo and Sunny wearing jewels
Think about this photo as you consider the number of Americans losing full-time employment, losing insurance coverage, – losing hope of ever finding work again…

Then look below the fold for the menu that Obama is serving French President Hollande.

ABC News seems very impressed with all this royalty….

The first course will feature American Osetra caviar,  farmed from the estuaries of Illinois, paired with quail eggs from Pennsylvania and a dozen varieties of potatoes from farms in New York, Idaho and California.

That will be followed by a salad of petite radishes and baby carrots on a bed of lettuce and splashed with red-wine vinaigrette made using honey from the beehive on the South Lawn. The salad will be served in a clear,  glass bowl and resemble a terrarium.

The main course, dry-aged rib eye beef from a farm in Greeley, Colo., will be served with blue cheese,  charred shallots,  oyster mushrooms and braised chard.

Dessert is chocolate malted cake,  described as a modern version of a layer cake made with bittersweet chocolate from Obama’s native Hawaii, Florida tangerines and served with vanilla ice cream from Pennsylvania.  After dinner, guests can dip into a serving dish made entirely of sugar to sample fudge made of Vermont maple syrup, shortbread cookies made with lavender from Mrs. Obama’s garden and cotton candy dusted with orange zest.”

Perhaps you know somebody in financial stress right now – maybe somebody who voted for Obama – twice…?   Feel free to share!
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4 Responses to “Obama Royalty – In Your FACE America!”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Obama has terrible tastes in food. Putting blue cheese on a perfectly good piece of Beef? He must think doing that impresses the French. I’d say it’s a terrible thing to do. Not a big fan of this menu at all. Aside what it says of his attitude towards the poor in our country.

  2. Varvarda

    Would you allow your dogs to sit on the silk chairs? 0bama seems not to mind this. I wonder if he is going to sit on that particular chair.

    As for the menu; the French usually serve the salad after the main course to cleanse the pallet before the dessert and it is a simple salad. It is not intended to be an individual course. As for desert with chocolate I wonder what kind of chocolate comes from Kenya.

    You no doubt have noticed there was no mention of wine. Perhaps the White House thinks we lower class people don’t understand which wine goes with each course. I count three glasses at each setting. Are they serving French wine or American wine?

    ABC may very well be impressed by this menu but the homeless man going through dumpsters wouldn’t be nor would a single mother of three teenagers.

  3. Tom Gilroy

    We are certainly going or have already gone to the dogs. These people have no respect for the People’s furniture. What is Illinois Estuary Caviar? Could that be from the Chicago River? Do they sell these ingredients in those food deserts that Michelle is always whining about? Just whip out your EBT card are pick up some caviar with your frying chicken and dumplings along with a magnum of Chateau Lafitte Rothchild 2008. Bon Appetite!!

  4. Hawk1776

    Wow. That’s pretty nice meal for two socialists (and friends). Remind me again who paid for it.