Obama Must Be SO VERY VERY Pissed….

Posted February 15th, 2017 by Iron Mike

A wonderful and frank joint press conference with President Trump and Bebe Netanyahu….and you know that somewhere the Israeli-hating former pResident was having an inner melt-down….

Watch the press go crazy as Trump departs after 27 minutes….

For eight (8) long years Obama and his toadies, – including Hillary and Lurch,  – behaved as if Israel was a pariah state – evil to the core.

And of course under Obama and his goons,  the so-called Palestinians were ‘victims’.

It was the chief reason for that awful Iran Nuclear “deal” – which lets them get away with eventual murder….

Thank God that enough Americans saw through that bullshit!

The video is heart-warming…..and watch the last few seconds of Media Madness – as Trump exits……and they frantically try to ask a Trump-Russia question.

They are fixated on this to the exclusion of all reality.

Now imagine, that the US, Russia, Israel, the Saudis, Egypt, Jordan manage to strike an anti-ISIS alliance – actually put Egyptian and Arab boots on the ground, surround, isolate, and eliminate the ISIS fighters – to their last man….

Would the media STILL be looking for some evil, sinister, and treasonous under-plot between Trump and Putin…?

Oh of course they will!

3 Responses to “Obama Must Be SO VERY VERY Pissed….”

  1. Hawk1776

    The press is utterly corrupt. They have committed suicide and don’t realize they are dead. Natanyahu had his best day in a long time. I still find it strange that so many members of the press are Jewish, or of Jewish extraction, but seem to hate Israel.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    I just love the way President Trump is driving the libertards and lame stream media in-sane! He has their heads absolutely exploding.

    Too close to Russia…. Won’t answer certain questions…. (I’d ignore stupid or loaded questions, too.) Now they’re screaming Watergate parallels and impeachment.

    Let’s see: High crimes and misdemeanors…. Anybody see any crimes here? Flynn lied. Not a crime, although a case could be made under the UCMJ, but Flynn’s retired…. And can anyone say Clinton didn’t have contact with the Ruskies pre-election? She was certainly fleecing the Saudis…. And let’s not forget the required votes for impeachment: Simple majority in the House and 2/3 of the Senate…. Unless a law was broken, it ain’t gonna happen…

    The President’s not completely politically savey and may occasionally step on his dick, but the tards and lames aren’t getting to him, and that’s a beautiful thing…

  3. Panther 6

    After 8 years of disdain and little compassion for our best ally in the ME we finally have a President who understands. With a muslim supporting leader now gone perhaps we can get on an even keel and bring sanity back to our relations with Israel. Time will tell if we can re-establish a climate of cooperation and support with Israel as well as enhance the relationship with Egypt and Jordan. Jordan has problems and we should not let them get out of hand.

    Once the Muslim Brotherhood lost power in Egypt, Obama abandoned them. That also must be changed. The ME and our relations there have never been worst thanks to our former muslim-in-chief.