Obama,…It’s Your Turn…

Posted November 5th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Obama's Turn

2 Responses to “Obama,…It’s Your Turn…”

  1. Tom

    We all know that he had inhaled and taken many hits, but he will never publicly admit it and if he did he would not be criticized. If he did, he lied when he applied for and received a security clearance. That would have been a felony.

  2. Casey Chapman

    He’s never admitted he’s lied about anything! He won’t release his transcripts from college, either! The commie in chief always employs the Saul Alinsky tactics of blaming/smearing the other guy for everything you do if it turns out not to be popular. I cannot wait til we send him back to Chicago. Preferably on Amtrak. IF the republic survives that long.