No Nice Way To Say This….

Posted April 16th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Asshole Kayvon EdsonKevin “Kayvon” Edson
of Wakefield is a

This sick self-absorbed wanna-be artist-actor caused a panic yesterday at the 1-year memorial service in Boston – for the Marathon bombing victims.

He thought it would be ‘street theater’ to drop a backpack containing a rice cooker filled with confetti? 

Police had to detonate it.  Seems this 25-yr old [possibly gay] narcissist felt the need for ‘more exposure’.   I hope he gets it – in jail!  Will the Mass College of Art give him the boot?

Dawn Barrett, President  (617) 879-7100

Kayvon to get mental tests

UPDATE: Thursday 8 May 2014   A weeping Kayvon – wearing a woman’s jacket in court, – is found competent to stand trial.  Seems he’s had an attitude change…?

Kevin Kayvon Edson cries in court

UPDATE: Tues 3 June 2014 Suffolk County DA drops Bomb Threat charge, – he still faces other charges. Mommy says her boy is bi-polar. Aren’t all liberals?

6 Responses to “No Nice Way To Say This….”

  1. Tom

    How about flaming a hole?

  2. Hawk1776

    There is something seriously wrong with that boy. Jail is too good for him.

  3. Karen G

    Check out his Facebook page (search Kayvon Edson, his banner says he “had a blast” at the marathon yesterday — what a complete loser. His parents must be soooo proud of him. If he has single normal friend I would be surprised.

  4. Varvara

    I’ll bet he is a Dumbecrat.

  5. Walter Knight

    Just another product of junior college.

  6. Casey Chapman

    He claims to be bipolar. Just the latest excuse for being a loser. Can’t even hold down a job.