Newt Gingrich Warns Of Sabotage

Posted November 10th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Honeyed words of subversion” to undermine the entire Trump movement….newt-warns
As always,  Newt understanding the past,  sees into the future,  and warns us about the subtle ploys that Democrats and old-guard RiNOs will use to try to neutralize President Trump.
10-minutes well worth your time today!

I do hope Trump finds a role for Newt in his machine!

Folks,  we’re going to watch some extraordinary history made between now and next summer….

George Soros has already mounted his counter-offensive,….

The pukes in Congress – both Democrats and RiNOs, will attempt to ‘contain’ Trump and force him into their idea of an acceptable role….

And bad actors across the Globe;  – Putin,  the Chinese,  the NorKs,  the Mullahs,  and ISIS will all probe, poke and test his resolve…..

And here at home expect the left-wing media and Hollywood to scowl and criticize each and mock and every step and word…all orchestrated and controlled by George Soros….

We know that from his new home in Washington DC, Obama and his butt-ugly wife will be constantly yapping from the sidelines,…

…the narcissist still needing to see himself on television…

By now regular RRB readers are alert,  – and can spot the treason,  – and understand who are controlling events and who are being used…


…the expendable and disposable useful idiots….

3 Responses to “Newt Gingrich Warns Of Sabotage”

  1. Mt Woman

    You are right with the formlly mounted opposition to everything Trump says, does and plans. However, I believe, Soros has met his match with billionaire Trump. Trump will use his platform and newly won bully pulpit to call these treasonous actors and actions out into the public eye to show how they are influencing the direction our nation into a morass of liberal progressivism that would have resulted in ultimate socialism.

  2. Vic

    President Trump (God I love saying that!) should exercise a Constitutional remedy for pukes like Soros: a Letter of Marque.

  3. Blossom Stiefel

    What a wonderful victory for America and the world. Donald Trump will be a great President, all Americans will benefit from this man that loves our country and the American people. As he always says, “America First”! As the days pass, the more we think of our good fortune, we count our blessings every day. President Trump will work tirelessly for all of us.

    The American people have spoken, there has been a lot of pent up anger, we have been watching as our country was being destroyed. We won’t let it happen again, we will fight for our great country, and nobody will get in our way. G-d bless us and G-d bless America!!!!!