New Flags Coming To Your Town?

Posted April 4th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Imagine you wake up one morning – and discover that new neighbors have moved in overnight.   Maybe they bought the house for sale, – or maybe just moved in.   And they’re flying foreign flags…
Strange Flags

Legal immigration, –
or illegals?  Protected Free Speech – or the flags of the occupiers?

What if these newcomers – not yet citizens – not even here legally – suddenly show up at Town Hall to register to vote.   Are you aware that few of any Town Clerks ask for identification – let alone proof of citizenship?

Now at Town Meeting they DEMAND that street signs be augmented with both Spanish and Arabic names, and that all public documents be published in English, Spanish and Arabic….

Then they demand that the public and school holiday schedule be changed….

And they want the American Flags taken off the Police and Fire Department uniforms…

And soon the Muslims insist that Christian churches not display their crosses where they can be seen from the road – because ‘it is offensive’….


The God-given freedoms enshrined in our 1st Amendment are already being used against us, – by people who are breaking our laws, – and worse, – by people who mean to overturn and crush our Republic.

And utterly foolish [stupid] educators and politicians are letting them get away with it.

Charity is one thing – and usually a good thing – when not forced by government.

BUT being forced to accept strangers into your home – or to accept illegals into our country – is hardly ‘charity’.   It’s foolishness!

Gutless craven politicians are about to make it the law! They care more about being reelected than they care about protecting and preserving our Young Republic and our American traditions.   They are part of Obama’s ‘Change’!

WHAT CAN YOU DO?Behead those

Not to be rude, but WAKE UP!   Depart your imaginary 21st Century ‘evolved’ La-La Land and come back to reality.   See the situation for what it is – the major threat to your kids and grandkids.

The Mexicans– and others from south of the border – are here because their countries are hopelessly corrupt socialist hell-holes – with little hope of getting better short of another bloody revolution.  In Mexico people fear both the drug cartels AND the Federal Police – because so many of the cops are actually working FOR the cartels.

AztlanSo yes, they’re here to escape crime and poverty – but they still want to be known as Mexicans – or you wouldn’t see so many Mexican flags at their rallies.

If you don’t know about La RazaAztlán, Reconquista, and MEChA, – please pull you head out of [the sand] and do a little Googling.  The Mexicans – at least a LOT of them – are not here just to cut your grass and clean your pool.


The Muslims– are here as the continuation of Mohammed’s 1400 year old dream. 

There are no “peaceful Muslims” – just Muslims who quietly despise you and will quietly aid and abet the takeover of non-believers’ nations, goods, and women – by any means necessary.

It is core to Islam that Muslims lie to deceive non-believers about their true feelings and long-term intentions.  

So if you chose to believe a particular Muslim that you ~ think ~ you can trust – you are playing into their long-term game plan.

If you don’t know about the “Treaty of Hudauybiyya” – learn about it, understand that it is fundamental to Muslim planning,  and also know the Iranians are openly referring to the so-called nuclear deal struck by Kerry and Obama – as “…just the Treaty of Hudauybiyya”.   They are building nuclear bombs – intended for both the Little Satan and the Great Satan.
General Hamed Malekpour     

At the local level – insist that your city or town clerks verify Citizenship with credible documents when people register to vote.  It is NOT ‘RACIST’ to demand valid identification.  Your bank, your liquor store, and your pharmacy do it all the time.

At the national level – make damn sure your ‘Democrat and RiNOcrat friends understand they MUST PRESSURE liberal congress critters – even the liberal ‘Republicans’.   NO AMNESTY!   No massive quotas for “Muslim Refugees”!
Muslims in London

And while you’re educating yourself – so you can educate your politicians – learn about the Islamic practices of female circumcision and honor killings of females. Some of this is already happening here in the USA!  We don’t need any more of it.
Jeff Bauman 9 11 2012

There is NOTHING ‘peaceful’ about Islam – not any of it.

Makes them laugh

2 Responses to “New Flags Coming To Your Town?”

  1. Casey Chapman

    The islam followers call him Allah, but I’d call him Satan.

  2. Varvara

    In Arabic mythology Allah is the moon god. Many Arabic men will wear a silver, not gold, wedding band to honor Allah.