Netanyahu Shows Obama How To LEAD!

Posted July 1st, 2014 by Iron Mike

It took 18 long days to find their bodies. It took overnight to react!Netanyahu Shows Obama How To LEAD
Bibi gives Obama yet another lesson in LEADERSHIP; – orders a series of dawn attacks on Hamas targets in Gaza and the West Bank, – just hours after the bodies of three murdered teenagers are found.

Wasted NO TIME in building a ‘Criminal Case’,

…just started targeting the killers – all of them.

slow boating the show trial

By contrast, the Obama-Holder-Hagel Cartel took 22 months to grab one mid-level terrorist from Benghazi, – but only for a summer show trial to distract voters from cartel disasters before the mid-term elections.


Netanyahu understands EVIL, – while Obama aids and abets it….

Obama doesn't want to hear it

5 Responses to “Netanyahu Shows Obama How To LEAD!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    To compare Bi Bi to Barry, is like comparing fire and water. Our Ditherer in Chief always wants to explore his options, build a case, read the terrorist his rights, supply a taxpayer funded lawyer and provide luxuries in jail better than they have ever had back in the hell hole where they lived. BiBi collects target intelligence and unleashes the IAF. Barry dithers and dithers, the terrorists and the caliphate legions laff at our pResident and our country, the terrorist lawyers up and languishes in luxury.

  2. Varvara

    One of the three had dual citizenship. 0bama doesn’t care if another American dies. This makes five, counting Benghazi, and one still in prison in Mexico.

    Bibi had a brother who was killed rescuing civilians.

  3. Walter Knight

    Netanyahu is a highly decorated commando who has personally lead troops against terrorists. Does that compare with the mean streets of Chicago and our community organizer President? I suppose there’s always the possibility Obama’s teleprompter might short out, sending dangerous sparks into the rent-a-mob he’s talking to.

    Remember when Hiller Clinton tried to portray herself as being a hero for being near combat on one of her talking tours? Bunch of phonies. Netanyahu is the real deal.

    Shock and awe, West Bank and Gaza. Netanyaho will target Hamas’ leadership, something Israel agreed to do in exchange for a truce and not shooting rockets into Israeli cities. The truce is over.

  4. Walter Knight

    When I listen to what the Arabs are actually saying, it appears that their hate is not religious, but rather racial. They want an extermination.

  5. Kojack

    Where-as Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and most of the muslim world will not agree to the right of Israel to exist, the Israelis should blow up the Dome of the Rock and every other mosque in their country and then EXTERMINATE all of the muslims in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza thus resolving this conflict once and for all.

    Who knows then the muslim outrage in the rest of the world might be so great that the do-gooders/deniers in the west would not be able to contain it making it necessary to EXTERMINATE the rest of them including the Jihadi candidate in the White House.

    If we didn’t want to go that far, another option would be to deport the ones living in the US and the EU back to the shit-holes they came from unless they agree to denounce sharia law and convert to Christianity or Judaism. Then accommodate them by sending them back to the 6th century as sharia law effectively dictates via HE munitions by taking out bridges, water purification plants, military installations and hardware, oil drilling equipment and refineries, airports, etc.

    If we don’t do something soon the problems they have in Israel will soon be visiting us. Anyone who is still naïve about islam should ask any “moderate” muslims they know if they will denounce sharia law. They have no interest in the coexistence proclaimed by those moronic bumper stickers.