More Questions Than Answers

Posted May 27th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Once again the name Loretta Fuddy is in the mix of a mystery.Soebarkah
So many questions, so many lies, so many dead people, and so many cover-ups
What will it take for us to finally know who and what this monster pResident is? Video below the fold adds a new dimension:

Pretty hard to trust a man’s word about health care or Benghazi – or troop levels in Afghanistan, – when we don’t really know his real name – or who his father was.

I sure hope America is smart enough not to go through this with another president…EVER!

5 Responses to “More Questions Than Answers”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    As this tale becomes more and more interesting I don’t believe that there are any coincidences, but just one huge almost perfectly orchestrated coverup. There are many very powerful, well-known people behind this diabolical plot to fundamentally change this country by using this great impostor as their Manchurian Candidate.

  2. Mark

    100% FRAUD. The entire U.S., the Constitution and Bill Of Rights is under attack. As soon as we wake up and see it, the better.

  3. William Clark

    Lets add Operation Stellar Wind (Dick Cheney’s true diabolical plot)What about devout Republicans like Rev. Gary Aldrich or maybe we can blame him for Sarah Palin’s Missing High School Diploma, or even Joe the Plummers lack of a license, Henry Paulson running to GW for Billions in losses for the big banks.

    So, We have moved back to Benghazi – investigated by an non-judical comittee? Maybe the GOP is finished with Health Care because it is working?

    So glad you’re still reading our Blog there Willy….

    Still got your Kerry-Edwards bumper stickers?

    So even you – seething with Bush Hatred – has to admit that we all know who GW’s father is! Who is Obama’s daddy…?

  4. Casey Chapman

    Obama’s political father, at the moment, is George Soros.

  5. William Clark

    Hatred like whom? – Clayton Thomas Kelly? That should work out well.

    For every one farfetched conspiracy in this blog, I can counter two or more that are real.

    I recognize an imperfect democratic party, can you really believe what is written here?

    Still Got my “Nixon Now” Buttons, I like those guys that get us out of wars.