More Democratic Incompetence

Posted April 11th, 2014 by Iron Mike

You ALWAYS hear Democrats talk about “roads and bridges”.  It’s political code – telling union workers they’ll spend more tax $$ on infrastructure work – aka Union Jobs – in exchange for union votes.
signs don't work
Now Deval Patrick is embarrassed [again!] some 43 very expensive high-tech signs have stopped working – and the manufacturer is…is out of business?   Seems the electronic chips weren’t designed for – or protected from – our New England winters. Sounds like a major planning failure to me, i.e. incompetence!   To see what the sign should be saying,

can't do anything right

As the Herald reports this morning: 

It is frustrating because we don’t like having to redo things more often than we originally planned. It’s a negative effect on our budget because we are bleeding money to stuff that we’d rather not replace”, said Frank DePaola, the state’s highway administrator. “We had hoped (for them to) last longer than this.”

Office of the Attorney GeneralCan we expect Martha Coakley to look into this expensive screw-up, – as she runs to follow Duh-val into the Corner Office?

These Democrats,…they can’t build a health insurance website, – they can’t buy signs that last,  they can’t [ or won’t ]root out political corruption and EBT card fraud, – they couldn’t stop two Chechen terrorists even after the Russians tipped them off, – – and they still expect you to trust them with your health care and your retirement?

2 Responses to “More Democratic Incompetence”

  1. Tom

    This governor and his administration is unembarrassable. There is nothing that they have done to the beleaguered taxpayers of Massachusetts that they ever apologize for but the moronic voters continue to return them to their plush offices on Beacon Hill.

    Given her track record as AG, “it’s not illegal to be illegal” do you really think there will be an improvement?

  2. Casey Chapman

    Writing EBT legislation is apparently illegal, from what I heard this week. What else should we expect from the Dumbo-crats? There’s a reason for the party name after all.