More Debate Cheating By Crooked Hillary

Posted October 1st, 2016 by Iron Mike

With a full 8 years to get ready – she wasn’t!   So her people installed a secret teleprompter in her podium.
As the debate ends,  watch the lit screen fade to black.
Democrats should be deeply embarrassed,…their so-called ‘smartest woman in the world’ can’t stand toe-to-toe with a political beginner for 90 minutes,  – without cheating!
Short video below the foldwatch the screen fade to BLACK!

Ask yourself – what kind of brain disease or disorder produces severe short-term memory loss,  – to the point that she needs constant prompting!

How many foreign governments already know what she has?

You do realize that this rigged podium couldn’t have been placed there without the full cooperation of the NBC TV crew,  – and Lester Holt!

6 Responses to “More Debate Cheating By Crooked Hillary”

  1. Liberty Mom

    We are in serious trouble, America…

    Hillary’s teleprompter and her many helpers:

    Hillary cueing Lester- confirmed by world champion, professional poker player Mike Matusow:

  2. William Clark


    At almost every point it Donald’s response that were the issue, Hillary had him in rattled in the first half hour. Did he really say China should attack North Korea? His 10 year old son is great with computers? He is smart to pay no taxes because the government would just waste them?

    Hillary didn’t need a teleprompter, she was in control 30 minutes in, shown by her pauses where she just let Donald run on without interruption until he ran dry on a subject.

    Good luck with this conspiracy.

  3. Marc

    The Democrat party’s core constituency is composed of a collection of parasites and perverts. I think, regardless of all the anti-Trump propaganda, that the final election results will come down to whether or not there are more producers (Trump) or takers (Clinton) in our declining nation.

  4. Raymond Smithson Sr.

    Hillery is a SOCIALIST FOR SURE..

  5. MC

    William is your man-crush on both the Clintons or just the Hellary. If you still do after reading the following we will all know where your head is.

    Here are a few questions for many would like answered:

    1. When did she know her husband was a serial abuser, and does she feel guilty for destroying his accusers?

    2. Explain precisely the trades made in the Cattle Futures scandal where $1,000 was turned into $99,000 in a matter of weeks?

    3. Why didn’t she do anything to protect the Americans in Benghazi? Not only the evening of the attack but the weeks and months prior when additional resources were asked for.

    4. Who is Saul Alinsky and why was he her mentor?

    5. When she was working on Watergate, why did her boss Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat, call Hillary a “liar” and “an unethical, dishonest lawyer” and have her fired?

    6. What really happened with Travelgate?

    7. What really happened with the Rose Law Firm?

    8. What really happened with WhiteWater?

    9. What gave Hillary the right to see private FBI files of her political enemies in FileGate?

    10. Why didn’t she turn over her illegal server with state department e-mails to congress?

    11. Why does your foundation accept money from avowed terror states?

    12. What is her take on the Vince Foster “Suicide”? (murder)

    13. Why did she think she was entitled to steal the White House furniture when she left? Did they instruct their staff to cause the damage to property in the WH in the amount of $250,000 when they left.

    14. Why do you lie even about things that mean nothing. I.E: lying about being under sniper fire in Bosnia, lying about being named after Sir Edmund Hillary, or lying that your grandparents were immigrants.

    15. Should America be concerned that in ChinaGate, the 22 people that were convicted of fraud or for funneling Asian funds into the DNC were associates of Bill Clinton?

    16. Did selling stays at the Lincoln Bedroom to political donors make you feel like a whore?

    17. Does Hillary think Juanita Broadrick lied when she said on national news that Bill Clinton raped her?

    18. Is she still okay that Bill goes to pedophile island with Jeff Epstein?

    19. Why are there so many murdered and suicides (people) in the Clinton’s immediate circle?

    20. Doesn’t the fact that the Clinton Foundation has to amend 5 years of its tax returns for improper reporting imply that you were involved in an illegal RICO enterprise?

    21. Doesn’t approving the Russian-owned Uranium One deal as secretary of state–because of illegal contributions to your foundation–in fact make you a traitor to this country?

    22. Was it wise to have at least four Clinton Foundation board of directors that have either been convicted or charged of the financial crimes of bribery and fraud?

    23. Why, Hillary, did you pay your female senate staffers 72% of what you paid your male staffers?

    24. When you represented an accused pedophile rapist, why did you laugh when you got him off even though you believed him to be guilty?

    25. Hellry: you said you had one e-mail address, it came out that she had multiple. You said you had one device, it came out that number was five. You said none of her e-mails on her private server was classified, but when the State Dept handed over only 300 e-mails the FBI disagreed.

    Question is – are you just incompetent or just a congenital liar?

    26.Why Hillary did you lose your license to practice law?

    27. Where are the 6 Billion Dollars that the State Department misplaced under Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State? ?

    28. Who gave the orders to stand down in Benghazi?

    29.Did you know about your husbands Prison Blood Scandal before or after and how much money did you profit from it.

    30. Why does the Clinton Foundation only give 5.6% to charity and the rest to admin expenses?

    This is only a partial list of the questions I would like answered !

  6. William Clark

    30 points, OK, so now I am torn between Trump and Hillary

    If Hillary wins she would be the Best President.


    If Donald wins the certain destruction of modern Republicanism, conservatism and possibly the GOP.

    Which do I want more?…….

    270 is the number and people have again stopped talking about it.

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