Mississippi Vote EXPLODES Voter ID Myth

Posted June 26th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Obama and Holder said requiring VOTER ID would prove an insurmountable hardship for poor Blacks.
Mississippi’s poor Blacks just proved them wrong!
Cochran wins by 6693 votes

Thad Cochran’s
use of race-bating tactics worked – he got poor rural Black Democrats to turn out for the runoff – at least 8,000 of them.  And they had no trouble producing ID to satisfy the requirements of Mississippi’s VOTER ID LAW. Oops!

Thad Cochran with Black voters

For the run-off race, both candidates pulled in new voters. Republicans were eligible to vote again, – but the 84,339 Democrats who has already voted as Democrats on June 3rd – could not cross over on the 24th.   Cochran needed new voters… 

Primary Vote:
Miss Primary Results

Run-off Vote:

Miss Run-off Results

McDaniel pulled an additional 29,775 votes (+ 19.2%), but was beaten by Cochran’s 37,854 (+ 24.6%). About 8,000 of Cochran’s winning margin came from Black Democrats who’d sat out Primary Day – but responded to his racial scare tactics.


Black Democrats WILL cross party lines and vote for Republicans IF they can see a clear reason to do so.

Cochran’s shameful use of scare tactics and race-baiting worked – and he may managed to live out another 6-year term – but he clearly sold his honor for political office. He will be forever scorned.

The Blacks who voted for him are already demanding that he support a bill to kill off Voter ID.  Funny thing is – Voter ID made it easier for them to cross over and vote for the Republican – without being challenged for having already voted.

We Republicans just need to do a better job of reaching Blacks – with the plain truth.

Cochran’s winpowered by poor rural Blacks forever dispels the myth that the so-called ‘underclasses’ cannot get IDs to vote.

Thad Cochran is living smiling [albeit loathsome] proof that Eric Holder and Barack Obama are full of Shi’ite!

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3 Responses to “Mississippi Vote EXPLODES Voter ID Myth”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    It is amazing that when the establishment GOP race bait the Black Dems they will actually vote for a Republican, because they had been lied to about the Tea Party candidate, Mc Daniels. They were leafleted with the usual propaganda, loss of voting rights, return to segregation, against Obama the first Black president and all the lies that have been used through the years. These Black a Democrats will not vote for Thad Cochrane in November, they will do as they are told, vote against him and for the Democrat.

  2. William Clark

    Smacks of the Joe Lieberman (CT) win against Lamont (SP), just a different state and white Republicans changing their affiliation during the primary. Nobody blamed voter fraud or ID’s.

    Does it seem plausible that a voter can place more than one vote in a national election? Consider Mississippi (5 EC) or Florida (27 EC) in he last National election. Most voters waited in line up to 4 hours to vote after work.

    The electoral collage (EC) is the equalizer by town and county. Could 1000 people place more than 2 votes as other registered voters in the short time the polls are open with the long lines and effect the .00X of one point in the electoral collage vote.

    “Voter Fraud” not “Voter ID” is the Myth.
    Melowese Richardson 5-time voter

    William, it’s really hard for me to tell if you are just a Democratic WHORE, – or if you have a genetic learning disability.

    “Voter Fraud” – – is a myth? Really?

    Ever heard of Melowese Richardson – four (4) counts of voter fraud in 2009, 2011, and 2012? She complained that she could only vote for Obama – 5 times! She got 5 years – and a banquet held by Al Sharpton.

    As for the self-serving Lieberman – I knew him when was Connecticut’s AG – it wasn’t white Republicans who changed their vote – it was white and black Liberal Democrats!

    Lieberman sold his honor and his soul when he teamed up with Global Fraudster Al Gore in 2000. He’s been an empty suit ever since, – making him the perfect candidate for voters like you.

    Voter Fraud, Vote Counting Fraud, and union intimidation remain the hallmarks of the Democratic Party, – which is why they oppose Voter ID.

  3. William Clark

    Oh that’s right I forgot about Ann Coulter who voted twice, how may years did Ann serve? But do 100 votes or 1000 votes matter these days in a National Election, Not Likely. So what you are saying is we should have a national ID or should we do the purple finger.