Mick Mulvaney: Empire Slayer

Posted June 24th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Mick makes good sense – so he is well on his way to being the most hated man in Washington.  He’s breaking up fiefdoms and long-established empires ruled for nearly 100 years by career Democrat civil ‘servants’ (“servants” because they serve themselves – not you). 
As this plays out over these next 6 years,  remember what a powerful voting bloc those multi-generational government employees are.  They ARE the Swamp. 2 short videos

NOTE:  This kind of work – reorganizing a large company,  – or in this case the US Government , – is both tough and utterly thankless.

Every gerbil gets his nest disturbed,  – everybody’s reporting chains change,  – thus a whole career of sucking up to somebody is suddenly worthless when you’re thrown into a new chain of command.

All across America you can find examples of companies that didn’t adapt,  – didn’t change to meet new realities,  – and went out of business….

When is the last time you bought a typewriter…?

So this is the grunt work going on behind the scenes,  and you can expect the DemoCRAPS in Congress to rebel at every step – unless ~ somehow ~ there’s more money for their donors in the deal,  – and there won’t be.

Here is a shorter clip of Mulvaney.   If you look over in the corner there is a clue about just how much time he’s putting into this….a measure of the man’s dedication.

So you ask,  if this is important,  – why didn’t Bush Sr (4), Clinton (8), GW Bush (8), or Obama (8) ever even begin…?

BECUSE it doesn’t guarantee re-election….

Which President isn’t in it just to be re-elected….?


This is the longer version of that cabinet meeting – with Trump’s remarks on several issues including immigration and the unemployment numbers before Mulvaney had his moment….

Pray for the people you see at that table Folks,  – they are doing God’s work – and being pilloried for it by the Left and the Media.

If they succeed your grandchildren will live in a stronger nation.

2 Responses to “Mick Mulvaney: Empire Slayer”

  1. Panther 6

    Mike; Nice to see a good Irishman working hard to drain the swamp. He and President Trump have a tough job ahead of them. Sadly you are right, too many of our Civil Servants only serve themselves and too damned many of them are demorats pushing the demorat agenda regardless of guidance from the Oval Office.

  2. Mt Woman

    Pretty amazing, someone with a vision that will make government more effective and efficient not just bigger. Yes, Trump the businessman-President is not afraid of reorganization and ridding DC of waste, fraud and abuse! DRAIN THE SWAMP!!