Meet The Monster – Cucuy

Posted April 26th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Meet Jose Guillermo Molina known in his Houston, Texas hood as “Cucuy” – the Monster.
He lives next door to this lady – may have wanted sex with her, – and when she wouldn’t open her door, – he grabbed her 3-yr old son playing outside and stabbed him in the neck – 3 times. Then he put his knee into the boy’s chest as he lay on the ground. Then calmly walked across the street.

Somehow the boy survived.

Cucuy – with two previous prison terms in his 21 years, – is held without bail.

Markey and Linsky

Next time some ooey-gooey anti-gun politician or wannabe do-gooder is talking about gun control and restricting gun ownership,

– – ask yourself

– – what will you do when Cucuy comes knocking on your door?

Do you want them stopping you from buying the gun you feel safe with, – or counting your bullets?

BECAUSE: since the victim here didn’t die, – Cucuy WILL be out someday – maybe in as few as 3 years….

3 Responses to “Meet The Monster – Cucuy”

  1. Casey Chapman

    If Cucuy was living up here, he’d have an EBT card, and might even be working in DCF.

  2. Walter Knight

    Cucuy is the son I wish I had.

  3. Ivy Dobe

    Mostly everyone I know, including myself know this guy. Started hanging out with the bad crowd, and its his own fault for choosing the path he chose.