Math Teacher Murdered In Danvers

Posted October 23rd, 2013 by Iron Mike

14-year old Philip Chism held w/out bail – to be tried as an adult. Gruesome details emerge – he admitted following her into restroom, punched her face, slit her throat w/ a boxcutter.  Carried her body outside in a trash cart.  Then he went to the movies.
Could'a been me
                                        Will Obama say: “Philip could’a been me…”?
We know that Colleen Ritzer couldn’t defend herself – she didn’t have a gun. 

OK,…I’m just a blogger speculating,…but…

I’m guessing this is not the first act of violence in young Chism’s life.

I’m betting there are both school and court records in Tennessee which – if made public – would show that he came here as a ticking time bomb, – and that his parents knew it. They just didn’t bother telling Danvers High – and hoped for the best…

OdgrenBack in Jan 2007 a clearly dangerous kid named John Odgren came to Lincoln-Sudbury High armed with a very long knife – and killed a freshman he didn’t even know in the bathroom before school started. Later we learned that his parents had moved him from school-to-school after a series of violent episodes.

It’s time to change some laws to protect ALL OF US from dangerous kids. Their ‘privacy’ is not worth the loss of life they cause.

And we better learn what [if any] pharmaceuticals Chism was on.


DETAILS EMERGE:   Chism went into the ladies room wearing white gloves.  After the murder he changed clothes – went to movie  – then smashed his and Colleen’s cell phones in the parking log.  Then used Colleen’s credit card to buy a meal at Wendy’s… No wonder he’s being charged as an adult…

UPDATE:  Thurs 21 Nov.   Grand Jury indicts Philip Chism for murder, aggravated rape, and armed robbery.  Yeah, the punk raped her before slitting her throat with a box cutter.  I’m wondering if he isn’t a Muslim on Jihad…?
Body of Colleen Ritzer Found

UPDATE: Monday 2 June 2014    Chism strikes again!   Attacks female staffer at the DYS facility in Dorchester. We NEED his Tennessee records!
Philip Chism no remorse

Chism in Salem court 15 Jan 2015UPDATE: Thurs, 15 Jan 2015    Chism’s defense team in Salem Dist Court again – trying to get evidence about the bloody box-cutter found in his backpack and statements to police tossed. From the look on Chism’s face, – I think he expects to be convicted as a youthful offender and released on his 21st birthday. He still shows no remorse.

UPDATE: Tuesday 3 March 2015   It seems that Judge David Lowy is determined to let this young murdering rapist off.  He just tossed the confession AND the two cell phones.

Judge Lowy tosses Chism's confession

UPDATE:  Thursday, 5 Nov 2015  This piece of wasted sperm is back in court – sporting a new haircut…

Chism's new haircut

The trial proceeds, the evidence is clear! Guess Chism didn’t know school was covered with video cameras….

Chism rolls Ritzer's body

UPDATE: Monday 14 Dec 2015 After closing arguments – the JURY has the case.


Too much premeditation – jury didn’t buy his ‘insanity defense’.






4 Responses to “Math Teacher Murdered In Danvers”

  1. Tom

    Why did the Chism “family” move from TN to MA? How many skeletons were left behind? Just at Danver’s High for two weeks and this happens? No metal detectors at the high school? What happened during the time that school day ended and the body was discovered at 11:30PM?
    Where were the janitors? How did body get from school to woods?
    There are many unanswered questions.

  2. Chad

    Good thing those extra gun bans are in effect. ’cause, you know, guns are evil. They do evil things. Where’s my baseball bat?

  3. Casey Chapman

    Just another “great” thing about gun free zones. Yeah——-these gun control laws are working out just fine ——– as long as you’re a kid who ignores them. I agree with Tom. They need to investigate the kid’s background down in Tn. I doubt that these politically correct types would have the gonads to, though.

  4. Flick

    Yet another perp who looks like he could be B. HUSSEIN Obama’s son if he had one. Again, Al and Jesse, let’s froth up the media on this one. I know your henchman are reading this. Step up to the plate on this issue.
    Was that a high-capacity automatic carton knife?
    Oh wait-he wasn’t white… Nothing to see here; just move on.