Massachusetts is Drowning

Posted October 4th, 2009 by Iron Mike
Massachusetts is drowning in a sea of “Progressive” Democrats!

Our Commonwealth is broke – deep in the hole, – and sinking deeper each day.  Unemployment is 9.8% and climbing,  state tax revenues are down, industry is leaving as fast as it can pack,  and the Dumbocrats are huddled to figure out what else they can tax to avoid spending cuts.

Crook in Pinstripes

Crook in Pinstripes

Our legislature is called the Massachusetts General Court.  In the 40 seat Senate 35 are Democrats.  The 160 seat House has 143 Democrats.  The last Speaker resigned a day before his federal indictmentGovernor Deval “Deer-in-the-Headlights” Patrick is the emptiest suit to ever occupy the corner office.  So those 196 extremely liberal “Democrats”  [Socialists] are hard at work bankrupting our state.

These 196 Liberals see enemies all around them. Big business, manufacturing industries, self-made millionaires, hard-working entrepreneurs and anybody driving a pickup truck or an SUV are all on the wrong side of History,  and must be taxed mercilessly [“in fairness – to spread the wealth around”].  But just to be more fair they raised the sales tax this year by 25% from 5% to 6.25%.   I’m doing my Christmas shopping in New Hampshire.

For the first quarter of the Fiscal Year, tax revenues were $477 LESS that a year ago.  Does Deval have a clue?

The legislature will be of little help.  My own first-term airhead Jen “Bag Lady” Benson made her first vote to re-elect Sal DiMasi as Speaker – even though she knew he was facing indictment.  Then she filed a bill to tax every plastic grocery bag a nickel, – because she’s just so committed to the environment. She should be committed all right!

Overall our 195 Dumb-o-cRats worry more about preserving gay marriage, gay curriculum in the schools, outlawing dog racing, outlawing guns [they truly HATE the 2nd Amendment],  and insuring that only the looniest quacks get to be judges,  – than they are about where does that tax money really come from.  Since they all were cheerleaders for Obama, – they expected Congress to come through like Santa Claus. Except that Deval can’t even get a real meeting with Obama,  even though they went to law school together.  And now they don’t have Fat Teddy in DC any more.  The 2010 Census will result in us losing one seat in the House.  Watch the gerrymandering drill to re-carve the House Districts when that happens.  And all the while, Beacon Hill keeps spending and taxing.

It shouldn’t take a genius to understand this chart:  [ $ in millions]

Fiscal     Nominal Mass          Real Mass         Real Change
 Year         Spending             Spending          from Prior Year
 2008     $31,694.416          $34,213.722            0.1%
 2007       29,913.923            34,194.834            7.5%  [Deval now Gov]
 2006       26,592.198            31,811.763            0.6%
 2005       24,846.982            31,610.590            0.8%
 2004       23,331.771            31,350.891           -2.2%
 2003       23,011.620            32,046.556           -4.7%
 2002       23,289.777            33,617.370            0.7%
 2001       22,655.934            33,396.954            n/a

Our spending goes up despite our shrinking state population.  Mass voters need to replace the majority of those über-liberal Dumb-o-cRats with Conservatives and Republicans who know how to vote “NO!” on spending bills.

Until Beacon Hill reverses it’s anti-business policies and laws, and begins to welcome manufacturing back into this state, – our future is bleak.  Empty factory buildings will continue to haunt our cities, towns and villages. WAKE UP VOTERS!!

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Update:  8 Oct 09 || — House Speaker Robert DeLeo says the Massachusetts budget may be up to $1 billion out of balance and cuts in state aid to cities and towns are possible.

Robert DeLeo - Grinning Beacon Hill Fat Cat

Robert DeLeo - Grinning Beacon Hill Fat Cat

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  1. Rational Nation USA

    Iron Mike,

    Perhaps the only state worse off in terms of the lack of fiscal sanity is California.

    It’s tough living in a state of fiscal insanity, but then again it wasn’t always so in Massachusetts, SAY 200 years or so ago.

    Does this mean there is hope?