Mandy Bombard Dissects Another Liar

Posted December 16th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Yes Folks – there IS a “Deep State’!   They were always pro-Obama and pro-Hillary,  – directed and often funded by Soros.

Watch this short video by Mandy Bombard as she examines the ‘tells’ of your Public Servant,  – as he lies through his teeth to Congress about what Robert Mueller is really doing.
In 12 minutes you’ll be a LOT more knowledgeable!

Just to be clear,  – it’s is entirely proper and legal to loathe a sitting president,  – and to oppose his policies and actions by LEGAL means.   At RRB we certainly did for those 8 terrible years under Obama.

We used our God-given Freedom of Speech to oppose and mock Obama at every turn.

BUT,  – it is quite another thing for a sworn member of our Government to conspire to undermine a sitting president by bringing false charges and using the machinery of government to spread falsehoods.

These Deep State operatives are committing nothing short of TREASON!

4 Responses to “Mandy Bombard Dissects Another Liar”

  1. MC

    After watching the hearing wuth Rosenstein and others it was obvious he was avoiding questions but didn’t realize just how much and how often he was lying.

    We need someone like Giuliani to head up that department.

  2. Sherox

    Then it is high time that they be charged with treason.

  3. Panther 6

    They are there, the deep state is real and BHO is the man who made it happen and who still today advocates against the man who beat Hill Babe. Barack is in my mind a traitor and total disgrace to the office he held. He should shut up and take an 8 year round the world trip on his dollar. Trump will likely be around for a second term so suck it up Barack Buttercup!

  4. Blossom Stiefel

    Unbelievable!!!! The real purpose of the Russia investigation being led by Robert Mueller is to protect anybody and everybody that had anything to do with this Clinton/Obama Russian Uranium deal.

    The real collusion may involve Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Mueller and Comey, who all served in the Obama Administration. All criminals working against us in our government.
    They all need to go as soon as possible!