Maine Democrat Cheers White Male Suicides

Posted April 17th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Most Republicans, Conservatives, and even Libertarians know that Liberalism is a mental disorder. Here is a classic example.

Defeated (32.9%) Democrat state senate candidate Richard Fochtmann of Leeds, Maine jokes about young white males committing suicide….and his audience laughs.

I wonder if he’s figured out that many of those are returning veterans?

And that many other are young 2nd generation drug addicts…?

And why does his audience laugh?

BECAUSE,…they’ve been teaching that shit in your public schools for over 30 years!

They tell kids that Mother Earth can only support about 1 billion people, and that with a global overpopulation now 7 billion,…

“…something has to be done…”.

It is godless fake science at it’s worst,….and your tax dollars are FUNDING IT!

Your kids – and your grand-kids, are getting a daily barrage of this crap in your local schools.   Just ask them!

It’s why they have such a cavalier attitude toward abortion,….they’ve been taught we have too many babies….

It’s why they are enthusiastic about assisted suicide, “…we have too many people”.

Frochtmann may look like a ‘kindly old hippy teacher’ – but he is a soldier in the Evil Empire of George Soros.  He is the very picture of our Domestic Enemy!

4 Responses to “Maine Democrat Cheers White Male Suicides”

  1. Mt Woman

    What a colossal fool–where was he going with his stupid supposedly reasoned statements?

  2. Sherox

    Perhaps those who believe this stupidity should start by not having children and offing themselves. That should take care of the problem.

  3. Catherine


    But to answer Sherox – the left’s rules only apply to US. They don’t *ever* apply to THEM.

  4. jim buba

    Many like him have come and gone since the 1960s. I almost believe he is one of the ‘releasers’ of that ugly film, an animation depicting the struggle between life and death with the undertones of Euthanasia as its foundation. Euthanasia was supposed to become the ‘law of the land’ permitting bureaucrats to take human beings from the population and kill them in the name of saving the population.

    I have learned not to worry about jerks like this, concentrating more on those who give up their money to let people like him do their bidding.

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