Lifestyles Of The Gay & Powerful

Posted March 22nd, 2014 by Iron Mike

The arrival of FBI agents with a warrant and empty evidence boxes is a clear sign that your lifestyle has attracted attention.
FBI raids Gordon Fox's Home
When they depart – with the boxes full – you know that you’ll be needing a good criminal defense attorney,  – even if you are an attorney yourself – and the openly gay Speaker of the Rhode Island House of Representatives.

Who dropped a dime

They don’t come much more liberal than Rhode Island’s Gordon D. Fox. Openly gay, he’s led all the liberal causes – gay marriage, national popular vote, etc.

He recently was caught failing to report $40,000 he’d earned doing private legal work for a local government agency.  He got a wrist slap and paid a small fine.

This time I think he’ll be paying a lot more.  I mean, – full FBI Joint Task Force raid?  That’s big time stuff.

Hey Gordon,  – call Patches!  Those Kennedys always have great lawyers on standby.    Kerry Kennedy just got off a DUI charge in New York.
Call Patches

Here’s a couple of hints Gordon:   ONE: somebody dropped a dime on you – probably an ex-boyfriend.   TWO:  you’ll be very popular in prison. You won’t be lonely!


UPDATE: 10:30 PM Sat 22 March 2014   Fox says he’s resigning as Speaker and will not seek re-election.  He must be expecting some serious charges….

2 Responses to “Lifestyles Of The Gay & Powerful”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Karma’s a real pain, isn’t it?

  2. Sonnys Mom

    A reminder that Pride goeth before a fall…