Lies, Cold-Blooded Lies, – And Photos Too!

Posted November 1st, 2013 by Iron Mike

I guess the pressure is building inside Obama’s failed White House [Spite House].  They re-released a photo supposedly taken the night of the Benghazi Massacre – as if to prove the pResident was informed and involved.
Clean Shaven LIARS
To me it proves just the opposite.  That within days they knew there was a gaping hole in their cover story – so they quickly staged a photo-op. Given that an embassy was under attack,  they’d be in the Situation Room – if this was real.
KEEP ASKING AMERICANS:  Exactly WHAT activity was Obama staging out of Benghazi which generated an attack from a disgruntled faction?   WHAT was SO ILLEGAL,  – so AGAINST America’s interests – that it was worth letting the witnesses be killed?  What was Hillary’s role?

2 Responses to “Lies, Cold-Blooded Lies, – And Photos Too!”

  1. Tom

    To many of us it is the empirical evidence that the CIA, assisted by black ops contractors, were conducting a gun running operation through Turkey, hence the visit of the Turkisk envoy, to the Syrian rebels supported by Al Queda an Sharia. There is no other reason, because this is unlawful and unconstitutional. Furthermore, this crowd is so low on testosterone, that they probably only shave weekly, if at all.

  2. Casey Chapman

    The problem with our so called government is: It’s full of communists and muslim brotherhood members.