King Obama On The Iron Throne

Posted May 18th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Our Narcissistic-in-Chief makes a point to mock his critics – poses on Game of Thrones Iron Throne.
Obama poses as Iron King
OK,…merely making a political point with humor?  Or a self-absorbed narcissist who ordered government employees to assemble these props and stage the photo. Political,…or childish?

Your tax dollars paid for this stunt!

Obama and his handlers know this is the kind of flap which distracts low-information voters from the REAL scandalsBenghazi – Fast & Furious – IRS Targeting – Boko Haram  arming terrorists – and Veterans dying on waiting lists.

This will come and go….

And he’ll weather it with a few more cheap jokes, – even as his media sycophants claim “Republicans have no sense of humor – and are picking on him because he’s Black”.

Obama Media Allies

All of this buys him time, – as he hopes to hold on to a Democrat-controlled Senate – and avoid impeachment.

Are you amused?

2 Responses to “King Obama On The Iron Throne”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    I am sure that Putin and all the other antagonistic world leaders will love this. With Samantha Power there they must be discussing the world situation or possibly the pending monetary collapse with Jack Lew. What a crew!!

  2. William Clark

    Nice shadow from the crossbow, across the table touches the base of the Throne and the through to the womans pant leg in a straight line. Lets add Jane Fonda and John Kerry in the background. Awkward