José Takes A Dirt Nap In A Pecan Grove

Posted June 1st, 2014 by Iron Mike

He was “just getting his business up and running”when he ran from the law…
…with 21 bales [500 pounds] of Mexican marijuana
José Luis Arambula takes a dirt nap
Drove off I-19 [the Arizona drug super-highway] into Green Valley, – across a golf course into a dry riverbed, – – then on foot into a pecan grove.

José Luis Arambula visits a pecan grove
José Luis Arambula had a similar brush with the law back in April. Now the Pima County Sheriff will have to investigate the Border Patrol’s conduct of the chase and the shooting.

Too bad we can’t just chalk one up for the Good Guys; – but Eric Holder will be looking to see if José‘s rights were somehow violated…
José Luis Arambula will live on in paperwork

José, – didn’t you listen to Obama? He says our border is more secure than ever! You didn’t listen? Sleep well.

Think of it this way José – as long as the government is still processing your paperwork – you’re really not dead yet…

3 Responses to “José Takes A Dirt Nap In A Pecan Grove”

  1. Walter Knight

    Another one bites the dust.

  2. Casey Chapman

    And if Jose were white, there would be NO investigation.

  3. meerkat manor fan

    like the rap song says…”one less bitch you gotta worry about…”