JamieBoy Eldridge Faces 2018 Dilemma

Posted December 21st, 2017 by Iron Mike

He’s one of the most sleazy and duplicitous left-wing apostles to ever walk the land,  – fooling stupid voters while raising their taxes to feed his ‘special constituencies‘…

Now with TAX REFORM and TAX CUTS becoming reality thanks to Donald Trump,  – JamieBoy is at a political crossroads….  Is he smart enough to even understand it?

JamieBoy – and all the the rest of the MassHole Progressive scum who have bankrupted this state have a STARK CHOICE:

They can say to themselves:

This is an opportunity to RAISE STATE TAXES…so we can give even MORE BENEFITS to illegal aliens and 5th generation layabouts in our gang-infested inner cities….

After all, MassHoles are USED to taxes,  they’ll probably never miss it…

OR,…they can quietly partner with Trump to Make Massachusetts GREAT Again!

If the Trump Tax Cuts work, – and manufacturing starts to return from overseas to the towns where those industries began 150+ years ago,….the brains behind the money will pick states that are industry-friendly and welcoming.

They’ll avoid the states like present-day Massachusetts, Connecticut, NY, and NJ.

For JamieBoy – it’s a problem of limited vision:


Like most young under-50 Progressives, JamieBoy is at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to making financial decisions.   He’s NEVER seen this state as a manufacturing hub,  – he’s never seen the morning rush-hour into industrial parks by the railroad tracks.

Government should lay down a WELCOME MAT for industry, – but should NOT try picking winners.  Let the Free Marketplace do that!

All his life JamieBoy has been fed by a government paycheck.  His mother was hardly an economics wizard – she taught Kindergarten: 

“Why can’t those boys sit and color like my JamieBoy?”

She paid her union dues and got a bigger government paycheck each year.

(As a teacher – she sucked!)

Jamie didn’t get History or Economics in school either. He got “Social Studies” – “…a country this rich should be able to feed the starving people all over the world…”

He bought into it – hook, line, and sinker!

In Law School JamieBoy wasn’t required to study our Constitution in any depth,  – those future lawyers studied CASE LAW and Advocacy Law

JamieBoy advocates mightily for special needs (retarded) children,  illegal Mexicans and Muslims,  and his special friends, – the LGTBQ community….

He sees working families as ATM Machines for his causes….


Are you going to continue to lead MassHoles into becoming an American version of Venezuela – which is today so bankrupt that their starving people have eaten the animals in the zoo…?

Or could you reverse your lifelong obsession with socialism and turn our laws around to WELCOME MANUFACTURING with OPEN ARMS?

How about creating TAX-FREE INDUSTRIAL AREAS in each of our dying industrial cities? Make the land TAX FREE for 10 – 15 years to any factory returning from overseas – which employs 40+ American Citizens.

SWEETEN THE DEAL: Let any such industry operate FREE OF ALL STATE TAXES for 10 years – if they ONLY employ American Citizens!

You see Jamie,  I’d like Black inner-city welfare kids to have a chance at a steady PAYING job – to reverse the 50-year effects of LBJ’s “Great Society” – aka the Democrat Black Voter Plantation.

2 Responses to “JamieBoy Eldridge Faces 2018 Dilemma”

  1. John MacDonald

    Eldridge along with other progressive democrat State Senator’s need to go. We don’t have an income problem in the state, we have a spending problem. Jamie is just one of the people that just don’t get it. Eileen Donoghue is another. If we want change, we need to do something about it, which means, vote them out and put someone else in place that will commit to working on behalf of the tax payer.

  2. Sherox

    Cities and towns have tools TIF’s and DIF’s. http://www.mass.gov/envir/smart_growth_toolkit/pages/mod-diftif.html. Those are at the local level. Massachusetts needs to stop making laws against work. Who is going to pay for everything if all the taxpayers leave?