It’s JUST Marijuana…Right?

Posted November 10th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Grower Kyle HandleyAah the joy of legal medical marijuana! 

Harmless right?  Actually beneficial, – right?

A sign that society has evolved, – right?

CAUTION!   Read the rest at your own risk!


Seems sometime last year a young Medical Marijuana dispensary owner in Newport Beach, Calif was feeling generous toward his suppliers.  Why not, – business was good.  He took several of them for a fun weekend in Las Vegas.

One of them – Kyle Handley – got the idea the dude was rolling in cash. When he got back to Fresno, he told his friends. They planned to rob him.

But they wanted all of his cash, and over a couple of weeks, followed him into the Mojave Desert – where they became convinced he was burying money.  He wasn’t – he was looking for investment land.
Victim's House

So the plot thickened, and they used a ladder to gain entry to his home, where they waited. They kidnapped him – along with his roommate’s girlfriend – and took them back out to the desert. They wanted the cash.

Wanted it bad enough to torture him with a blowtorch. When that didn’t produce the desired result – they cut off his penis, – and left the two there to die. The girl managed to walk for help.

Kyle was arrested pretty quick.  Somebody remembered his truck.  It’s taken a year for police to run down the other three – Ryan and Naomi Kevorkian,  and an Iranian – Hossein Nayeri – who’d promptly left the country and gone home.

They finally grabbed Hossein in Prague.  Guess he thought the heat had died down….


LESSONS for DUMMIES:   Drugs are bad. People who deal in drugs are likely to be bad too!  If you’re buying and using drugs – you’re way too close to some very bad people.  And, – you’re not smart enough to tell the difference!

PROOF?   You voted for Obamaan admitted drug user!

And HE just cut off your MEDICAL INSURANCE!

UPDATE:   Sunday, 25 Jan 2016   Prison BREAK!

3 escaped prisoners

UPDATE:  Saturday, 30 Jan 2016   All three back behind bars.  The Vietnamese guy turned himself in,  a tip led to the other two….. Whew!


4 Responses to “It’s JUST Marijuana…Right?”

  1. Tom

    Marijauana is an insidious gateway drug. My family has personal experience when my brother started with weed and ended with a fatal overdose of heroin almost 31 years ago to the day.

    No one can convince me that this is not a fatal mistake. Look at what has happened in Amsterdam. Is this the future of these cities and states who have legalized this drug.

  2. Casey Chapman

    We do not need to legalize weed. The only reason they are thinking about it, is the tax money they could collect. They don’t care about the medical consequences.

  3. Phil

    Oh my God, what a stupid post! Criminals attack a businessman, and the lesson you draw is “drugs are bad”? Is this a parody?

    Don’t conservatives want to get the government out of our lives? Legalizing marijuana would be one way to do that.

    Yes Phil, we’d like government out of our lives. Drugs too!

    Drugs are the traditional way evil governments have kept the masses from revolting.

    You can’t ‘do drugs’ here in the USA – even where states have made them ‘legal’ – without doing business with goons. Drugs ruin lives…..same way too much government does….

  4. Sonnys Mom

    Update for reader Phil: you’d probably never guess from this report, but the cartels are full of sadistic “criminals” just like this gang… or worse.

    And if you think THIS is bad… who do you suppose the cartels will blame for “taking away their business”? My guess: dispensary owners like the poor guy left to die in the desert.