ISIL Takes 4,500 Prisoners

Posted June 12th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Didn’t Obama just tell us that al Qaeda is “on the run”?
4500 POWs

I’m guessing these POWs are – for the momenthuman shields.
Video below the fold:

Can’t wait to see how Obama blames THIS on Bush.

It’s 112 miles and 97°F. Think the ISIL planned any water stops?

4 Responses to “ISIL Takes 4,500 Prisoners”

  1. Panther 6

    Totally unreal, This is a direct result of OBAMA not negotiating for a residual presence in Iraq. They aren’t even killing each other. The Iraqi military seems to be falling apart. And of course gas prices are not going out of sight. I understand the VP Biden has told Baghdad we are coming to help. Uh huh, who are we sending?

  2. William Clark

    Lost too many of my friends there, the country is not worth our effort. These people don’t understand freedoms in any way. We spoke with our interpreter and tried to explain the term “vacation”, the closet we could get was “pilgrimage”. This conflict is rooted in religious fanaticism that outsiders can’t comprehend.

    The Poor follow the faith and treat their women like dirt, the wealthy have a double standard to keep the faith but send their daughters to Cambridge or other schools out of country, and then keep them out of the county.

    There is no WIN for us in a country so entrenched with their religions, lets just contain them, limit travel, occasional air and drone strikes. Congress and the GOP is so fractured now with the loss of their Majority Leader they are a joke.

    To answer the question above Bush was irrelevant at the start (per D. Cheney’s book), he couldn’t even pronounce the players in the middle east. As I said before he was too busy planning victory parades and testing sound bytes like “Shock and Awe”,”Winning the hearts and minds” and “nation Building” to understand anything about the actual conflict.

  3. Jim Gettens

    The Iranians are now sending in more of the Quds Force, openly, to bolster Iraq’s incompetent Shia-dominated Army. Some Quds Force personnel were there as soon as we toppled Saddam Hussein and upset the Iraq-Iran strategic balance. They, in cooperation with Shias aligned with the murderous psycopathic ‘Cleric,’ Muqtada al-Sadr, were killing our forces when I served there. We were getting it from them, from Baathist Sunnis, and from al Qaeda in Iraq during the Iraq Civil War that the Bush Administration and its lackeys denied was a Civil War…

    With Iranian Shias bolstering Iraqi Shias in the fight against Sunni Islamic Barbarians, Saudi Arabian and other regional Sunnis may wade into the fight. So be it. Let the Shias and the Sunnis kill each other off, and good riddance to them all.

  4. Prim

    Did anyone in the msmedia mention that the leader of ISIS was detained in Iraq, – and was RELEASED by Obama when he did a complete pull out of Iraq?

    Abu BAkr al Baghdadi was released in 2009 from Camp Bucca near Umm Qasr in Iraq, – along with thousands of other prisoners

    I wonder how many of the other thousands are in involved in this March on Baghdad?