Is An Ugly Summer Brewing For Obama?

Posted June 27th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Mob Attacks Sears

Are we seeing the beginning a summer of racial mob attacks?

Columbia, SC: 18-year old white jogger attacked and savagely beaten by 8 teenage

Beaten by teenage mob

black youths.

Peoria, IL: A mob of 60-70 black youths rampage down West Thrush to Sheridan, the Altamont Park neighborhood, – stopping cars and threatening pedestrians “We’re going to kill all white people. This is our neighborhood”. Police response was very slow. Some have claimed that 70 is an exaggerated number.

Late-night street mob - Peoria


Chicago: Teenage flash mob 50-strong hits a Walgreens [police caught three].

Upper Darby, PA: Teenage flash mob of 40 came by train to hit a Sears [police catch 15 kids and a 19 year old adult].

RRB has earlier reported on a flash mob attacking a convenience store in Las Vegas.

And, my point is…?

This will be the third summer of the Obama pResidency.

Black unemployment is running twice the already high national average of 9.1%.  

Even pro-Obama CBS reports that unemployment for black teenagers is running at 41%.

And of course the worst areas are in the traditional Democrat-dominated big cities, where ‘job creation’ means government programs to employ minority youth.

But cash-strapped cities can’t even afford even their current work forces.

There is no money for summer job programs, let alone funding thousands of ‘city jobs’ for black youth.  Suddenly that glittering ‘HOPE‘ of 2008 and 2009 looks more like street litter in an already run-down neighborhood.

Frustration with empty promises becomes anger.  Betrayal begets rage.  Summer heat makes tempers boil over. Suddenly streets in America’s inner cities could look like Athens, Paris, Cairo, Tunis, and the embattled cities in Syria.

We saw this before in the 60s – when a Democrat President had made grand sweeping promises of a ‘Great Society.

This time ~ maybe ~ black anger will be directed where it belongs – at the collection of poverty pimps – Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama, and the Democratic Party voter plantation system.

Obama should pray…

A summer of 1960s vintage rioting will force him to make ugly choices.  He can send in federal troops [who have not taken riot control training in decades], or let city and state authorities handle it with state troopers and national guard – [who have not taken riot control training in decades].

Unlike the 60’s – today we live in the world of cell-phone video and U-Tube. Even if the squeamish press won’t report – the pictures will be seen – world-wide.

Eric Holder’s JustUS Department can threaten federal lawsuits, – but by the time two cities are erupting simultaneously – as they did in 1968 – and casualties are piling up at overworked local hospitals, – even the most liberal Democrats will be calling for ‘law and order‘ to be restored.

Nothing keeps a liberal white do-gooder away from their inner city foundation job like an all-out race riot with burning buildings and overturned cars.

Nothing takes the luster off a presidency like a series of race riots. The bulk of today’s hard-core socialist activists were barely toddlers back when America was burning. They have no clue.

We can wait for the predictable blame casting and finger pointing; – at the big corporations, the big banks, and of course at the ‘2% of the richest getting the Bush Tax Cuts‘. But blame won’t stop inner city block fires.

Angry blacks burnt far more of Washington DC in April 1968 than did the British Army 154 years earlier.

April 1968

Mister Obama should pray.  His flowery promises filled people with false hope.  Now, if hell breaks loose – rioters in the streets won’t be watching him stutter through a teleprompter reading.

He will be essentially powerless, and neither George Soros or Valerie Jarrett will be able to bail him out.  Add to that the economy in meltdown,…and it could be a Hillary moment . . .

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

One Response to “Is An Ugly Summer Brewing For Obama?”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    This could very well be his Summer of discontent, but ours as well. The flash mob phenomenon will catch on an spread throughout the urban areas and even into sububia as the Summer sizzles. These unrully mobs have no respect for property or authority and are the worst representatives of our entitlement society which have been indoctrinated by community organizers, the education system and YouTube.