Insurance Commissioner Beheaded!

Posted November 17th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Wm White BeheadedWashington DC Insurance Commissioner William P. White learned the terrible price of questioning Ayatollah Obama.

White is a man of 35 years hands-on executive experience in the insurance business – probably one of the most qualified DC officials.

But DC Mayor Vincent Gray took his orders from the Spite House seriously.  White was fired the day after he questioned Obama’s authority to order insurance companies to re-instate dropped policyholders.

In a way, – this is the most transparency we’ve seen from the Cartel.

Breaking! Nov 18thMass Ins Commish Joe Murphy tells HHS that Mass won’t allow policies to be re-issued because ‘sub-standard policies virtually non-existent in Mass’.  Our call to Joe hasn’t been returned.

5 Responses to “Insurance Commissioner Beheaded!”

  1. Tom

    Those Insurance Commissioners in all blue, complicit states should be extremely careful what they say about the Liar in Chief or they be back looking for employment in the dreaded private sector. The insurance industry is on a death watch while the LIC decimates their business and attemps to take over the 1/6 of the stumbling US economy. In either case, this Demonic Dictator must be curtailed either by Constitutional judicial proceedings or at the mid term elctions

  2. Hawk1776

    So here is a man, doing his job, and the Emperor had him fired. Where is the outrage? Where is the MSM? How does Obama continue to get away with this? If George Bush was President this would be front page news and would be featured on every liberal talk show. Since Obama is Emperor, it is completely ignored. The Soviet Union didn’t control the press better than Obama. It’s getting scarey.

    I feel bad for Mr White. He was screwed, plain and simple.

  3. Walter Knight

    Washington DC decided to “go in a different direction” when they fired William White. Nothing makes liberals more angry than someone else being right.

    “I told you so” really pisses them off.

  4. Casey Chapman

    So he dared to say that the emperor has no clothes? “Off with his head!”

  5. Paul J Baldi

    Comm. of Mass. Insurance Commissioner announced today that people will NOT be able to keep their canceled health policies!

    So much for the edict from the inept community organizer who most likely has never read an insurance policy in his life. What a mess!!!