Hunter Biden Gets A Ukrainian Deal

Posted May 13th, 2014 by Iron Mike

If a Biden is involved, – you just know it’s dirty.Hunter Biden Joins Burisma
The Ukraine is broke, and being invaded by Russia – allegedly over the “protection of Russian Nationals”, – and natural gas. Young Son of Plugs has found a way to line his pockets.

Hunter Biden is now on the Board of Directors of Burisma Holdings, Ukraine’s largest private gas drilling and exporting company. Think he benefits from any insider info?

Hunter Biden connected

Try to remember back – just 23 days ago – when Daddy – VP Biden – visited Ukraine – ‘to reassure them’ of our support – even as Russian Special Forces troops were occupying government buildings in their East and in the Crimea?

Hire My Son Hunter
Think ~ maybe ~ there were some private negotiations also going on?

Hunter Biden Ukraine Gas Map

I reiterate; – if a Biden is involved,…you know it’s a dirty deal.

Eastern European Gas

So who is going to get screwed the worse…? The Ukrainians, – the Americans, – or the Western European gas customers?

UPDATE: Thursday 16 October 2014   Word breaks that Hunter just got kicked out of the US Navy Reserve – for pissing hot [cocaine] on a drug test when he reported to Norfolk for his cushy 2-week tour as a Public Relations hack…   Dipshit!

UPDATE:  Saturday, 30 May 2015   Biden’s other son Beau dies of brain cancer at age 46.


4 Responses to “Hunter Biden Gets A Ukrainian Deal”

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  2. Varvara

    Does this remind you of another deal? Nevada, Harry Reid’s son and China’s panels. Am I wrong, deceived or just plain crazy? I do believe these are democrats. These are the people who are supposed to look out for America’s interests.

  3. Sherox

    It is not about doing anything for anyone other than the gain that each politician can gain for himself. They talk about crony capitalism, this is crony politicism.

  4. Walter Knight

    Vice President Joe Biden’s youngest son R. Hunter Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry’s family friend Devon Archer were appointed to the board of directors of Burisma Holdings.

    While this does not appear to be big news, this company is Ukraine’s largest private gas producer. No conflict of interest? The White House says no, but it looks like a payoff to me, and I usually don’t go for conspiracy theories.