His Dream – Sabotaged!

Posted January 19th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.  1928 – 1968
MLK's Dream Sabotaged
Who could have ever thought that his dream of Black equality and self-reliance – would have been trashed and destroyed – by America’s first Black President?

How could anybody who lived through the civil rights strife and the race riots of the 1960s and 1970s – ever have imagined that America’s Blacks would be relegated to inner-city voter plantations by – the Democratic Party?   How did that happen? 

How did America’s ‘First Black President’ let Black unemployment reach levels not seen since the Carter administration?
What killed the black job market
How did the Democratic Party come to support Black Genocide – under the guise of ‘a woman’s right to choose’, – and trick American taxpayers into supporting Planned Parenthood which has killed millions of Black babies?

How did it happen, – 51 years after the “I have a Dream…” speech, – that Blacks now settle for “I have an EBT Card”?  

How come so many young Blacks – engaging in the Knockout Game or forming ‘flash mobs’ to rob stores and malls – don’t even know who Doctor King was – or what he did?

WHO let this happen?

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  1. Tom Gilroy

    There are two other burning questions. First, why is Black-on-Black crime so high in these urban EBT plantations?

    Second, who in the political class will speak the truth, how this dream has been high jacked? The self proclaimed poverty, racial divide pimps, Jessie and Al have done their very best to maintain the divide, but the White House and it’s Justice Department are guilty of high crimes and misdomenors.

    Unfortunately, the political class, our elected representatives do not have the spunk to use their impeachment powers.

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  3. Dean's List

    The idea that the democratic party is intentionally trying to relegate black people to the inner city by increasing welfare is an idea that I have heard repeatedly from you, but only very rarely from any other source. As a conservative, you oppose welfare because you think that it will undermine self-reliance and thereby create a government-dependent voter plantation. Those are your own words. Liberals, on the other hand, think that welfare is a tool that can be used to legitimately help people who they see as being in need. It is possible that Obama shares your view on welfare, and, in that case, it would be fair to call him a villain who is intentionally destroying the equality of black people. However, since Obama is clearly an arch-liberal, as you yourself have called him, it is unlikely that he shares your views. It is far more likely that he thinks welfare is a tool that will legitimately help those in need, especially inner-city blacks. Furthermore, regardless of Obama’s views, it is completely illogical to claim that the democratic party as a whole is trying to create black voter plantations. This is illogical because the democratic party, as a whole, genuinely believes that welfare will help those in need. My point is this: it is one thing to have a fundamental disagreement with a politician and to explain why you disagree with what they are doing based on history/economic theories/current trends/whatever; but to claim, based on YOUR OWN ideology, that a politician with an idealogical background that is FUNDAMENTALLY DISTINCT from your own is intentionally trying to sabotage the economy because they are doing things that YOU oppose, because of YOUR ideology, just makes you seem like you either don’t understand or refuse to acknowledge the fundamental differences between the two major political parties in America. If you continue to write things like this, you will succeed in reaching people who are already conservative-minded and helping them become further entrenched in their beliefs, but readers who are not already conservative-minded will be lost to you because they will simply laugh off the silly claims that you make. I am aware that your objective is partially just to embolden local republican readers who you think are being silenced by Massachusetts liberalism. So congrats, you’ll probably succeed in doing that. But if you have any hope of actually converting someone who doesn’t already agree with you, which seems like a much more worthy goal to me, you should be made aware that you’re doing it wrong.

  4. Casey Chapman

    LBJ famously said something to the effect of: “I’ll have those negroes voting Democrat for the next 50 years”. He was speaking about his war on poverty. Which wasn’t really a war on poverty, more like a war on nuclear families amongst the blacks, and war on black self sufficiantcy.

    He wanted, just as the current pResident does, the blacks, latinos, and all other Americans to be totally dependent on the government so he ca control our lives, while claiming everybody else but himself. His policies are keeping this country from recovering from the recession of 2008, all the while, he is claiming jobs growth, and other positive things that he has supposedly accomplished.

    The only place they exist is in his deluded mind. He has surrounded himself with yes men and yes women. The emperor has no clothes, people.


    Casey, LBJ was a racist. He actually said “I’ll have these niggers voting Democrat…