Hillary’s Lonely Campaign Office

Posted September 19th, 2016 by Iron Mike

It seems that Arab money and Hollywood money and even Billionaire money cannot buy eager volunteers in Ohio….
Short funny clip below the fold, – a Trump supporter punks these MoonBats, – who can’t even display our flag correctly…


Delaware Ohio has voted heavily Republican in the past 5 presidential elections. 


Must be discouraging for a MoonBat to knock on a Republican door…with Obama still in office…?

I’m guessing the folks manning the campaign office are paid staffers, – not about to do the hard leg work of door-knocking themselves….


Folks, for these next 50 days you should be ready to AMBUSH any Clinton door-knockers who come pounding on your pine.

Benghazi Dead

Have a picture of Benghazi – and maybe some ISIS beheadings ready;  – see if the MoonBat Twerps have a clue about what’s been happening these past 8 years….

ISIS lines up Copts

And be sure to have a National Debt chart ready to give them!


Ask them if they’ve ever heard of Vince Foster or Ron Brown…or Juanita Broaddrick….or Monica Lewinsky….

…see if they know how many Americans are out of work….

….and how many of them are Black….

One Response to “Hillary’s Lonely Campaign Office”

  1. Varvara

    Even I, who has never served, know to display the flag one always has the field of blue on your left shoulder, whether landscape or portrait.

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