Hillary Caught In Another Lie: Awkward!

Posted December 20th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Hillary claimed Saturday night that “ISIS was using Trump” in their recruiting video…
ISIS Recruiting Video with Bill Clinton
But LOOK who they’re really using…and calling Bill a fornicator AWKWARD!

Who is telling her this stuff; – the same guy who said Benghazi was caused by a ‘vile internet video’?

If ever a woman was a born instinctive liar – it’s Hillary!

YouTube deleted the original video….we’ll try another version.




So judge for yourself – this video is a slick production – it features Hillary’s husband and her recent boss,…but NOT Donald Trump…..

So why did Hillary make up the lie?   

Why was it necessary to tell it – on live national television?

Lied her whole lifeSimple,…it’s how she’s lived her whole life, – and a lot of simpletons have always believed her – because they fail to check the facts or use their heads….

Why would Hillary chance folks like me checking her facts and calling her out as a LIAR,…

…unless…in her regal arrogance – she thinks we’re all stupid?

5 Responses to “Hillary Caught In Another Lie: Awkward!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Hillary is rapidly approaching the end of her free pass which has been her savior since she first appeared at the Watergate hearings. She is a pathological liar who lies with impunity. The FBI is hot on her trail and the anxiety is starting to tear it’s ugly head. When will they drop the hammer for her litany of security violations any one of which is a serious felony. Her lies and continuous lies about Benghazi will always haunt her and the Obama administration. The military who tried to blow the whistle were all mysteriously muzzled and retired. Her day of reconning is near. Will it be before the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary?

  2. Panther6

    Amazing how she can spout untruths with a straight face. She may be running out of free pass time with the media. We will see. I heard that she is backtracking on the TRUMP comment.

    The ISIS propaganda / recruiting flick is scary. BO may call them JV troops but this film smacks of Super Bowl status. They need to be crushed NOW but BO won’t do it. Neat to see that they have no real love for BO or Bill C.

  3. Jim Gettens

    The late, great columnist William Safire, in 1996, described Shrillary–accurately–as a “congenital liar.” Here is link to his January 1996 column about Shrillary entitled “A Blizzard of Lies,” in the New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/1996/01/08/opinion/essay-blizzard-of-lies.html

    Shrillary is the darling of DemocRATS, why?—because they are morally bankrupt and utterly corrupt, intent on achieving power by any evil means.

  4. GreenBeretLTC

    Twenty years ago Mary Matalin pegged the Clintons as pathological prevaricators. I believe in rehabilitation and reconciliation, but the fact is leopards don’t change their spots. Bubba and the bitch claim contributing millions of dollars to charities over these past years: Yeah…to the Clinton(s) Foundation….! I have faith in American justice, regardless of what oBama, Holder and now Lynch have done to pervert it. And that faith is shaking, having just read D’Sousa’s latest book…. But I have faith and hope the FBI will come through….and she’ll get what’s due….

    Hillary the Prevaricator once claimed to be namesake of Sir Edmund Hillary because he was first to reach a summit, that of Mount Everest. Unfortunately for the liar who wants to be president, he did this almost six years after she was born… But hey, what’s a little fudge fact matter when you make a life-long practice of lying through your teeth… Don’t forget, she was fired from a Watergate investigating committee for screwing with evidence and then lying about it.

    Right now, though, she’s merely singing to her choir. No one who’ll vote for her cares about truth, honesty, ethics and morality, or personal responsibility for that matter. And those who vote for her simply because she’s a woman and “it’s time for a woman president” are just as sexist as those who won’t vote for her simply because she’s a woman. What she is is an empty pantsuit. An oBama has put America in a toilet and a hIllary will flush it…

    In reality, the dummocrats are petrified of Trump. Frankly, he worries me, too. But he’s not a varnished phony pol and I’ll take the chance. Remember Jesse Ventura? Not his real name, incidentally… Ran for governor of Minnesota as a third party candidate. Beat the the dummocrat by a mile and the Republican by an inch. And…he took no special interest money, either. Minnisotans were just fed up with their politicians. Kind of like now. Gee, I wonder. Has Trump read his book?

  5. Kojack

    Anyone who really believes that the jihadies hate us simply because of something that the Donald or for that matter anyone else said is hopelessly lost and beyond salvation which is to say ALL of the hildebeast’s supporters.

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