Heartbreaking Agony: Betrayed By Heroes

Posted October 19th, 2016 by Iron Mike

With the fate of our Young Republic to be decided on November 8th, the solicitation that arrived last week hit me like a kick in the gut.
The George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas wants money “to continue their work developing leaders”.   I wanted to puke!
I waited a day before calling.


I called the center and spoke with a charming young lady – Cathy,  – who is so intelligent and polite that any parent would be proud to claim her.  To her credit she listened.

And I was so calm and measured that I surprised myself.

I explained that I’d wait a few days,  but if at this critical juncture – father and son didn’t endorse Trump and excoriate Hillary,  – I wanted to be purged from all their lists.


Jeb collected and spent over $40 Million, and his campaign sank with barely a bubble. 

Are his wealthy RiNO donors pissed…?

Jeb Bush cooked goose

But the Bush clan seems intent on avenging Trump’s characterization of Little Brother Jeb – as “Low Energy”.  They are voting for Hillary – so they say.

In my email to GW,  I explained that I’ve been a big fan of his dad,  and campaigned for him and for GW…. I consider H a legitimate hero – on several levels – from the days when he was the youngest navy fighter pilot in WWII.

So if they consider their family feud with Trump more important than the fate of the Nation,  – indeed the fate of Western Civilization,  – I am stunned,  angered,  – and heartbroken.

Sorry Bushes – but ‘Lil Brother Jeb is ‘low energy’ – and a total DORK!

Hillary would have shredded him.  Plus he won’t support the 2nd Amendment and he’s for amnesty and Common Core.

Jeb Bush Watch Party Miami

If he’d have pulled his thick head out of his fat ass,  Trump might have made him Ambassador to Mexico…. Now he’ll just fade away as a lobbyist…

The Bush family could have gone into History as GIANTS!

Instead, – no matter who wins on the 8th,  they’ll forever look like Greek Gods,…petty, rife with feuds and jealousies,…

…putting themselves ahead of what is best for our Republic.



5 Responses to “Heartbreaking Agony: Betrayed By Heroes”

  1. Panther 6

    Mike; Well said and I agree with everything you said. I consider the Bush failure to stand up for and support Trump a failure of heart and ethics, a betrayal of our nation. I have washed my hands of them totally.

  2. Sherox

    I don’t agree with you at all regarding the Bush family. I see them, because of their political actions and their actions and words throughout this political campaign, as nothing more than traitors to the US.

  3. MC

    Totally agree. There recent actions make me question what I thought was true about this family. Hindsight is 20/20 but did they, should they have–those are the questions that I mentally play with.

    I understand the concept of circling the wagons but to endorse a
    unprincipled family as the Clintons who have no qualms in engaging in actions that only furthers their own agenda – to the detriment of all others — makes me feel they have become traitors to the Constitution and the American people.

  4. sad4magop

    Like so many I used to admire the Bush family. Now I think of them only as poster children for The Establishment.

  5. Sonny's Mom

    Readers, if you are interested in continuing the work of developing leaders, please consider instead:
    – Hillsdale College https://www.hillsdale.edu
    – the Intercollegiate Studies Institute

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