Hate-filled Narcissist Obama: “Make it HURT!”

Posted October 5th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Make It HurtAny Americans who once wanted to give Obama the ‘benefit of the doubt’ – can no longer deceive themselves about his true nature.

His color, race, religion, place and circumstance of birth all no longer matter, – much.

What DOES matter is the nature of his personality.   He is proving to be evil,  vindictive,  a total narcissist,  and a would-be dictator.

In total –  he is an ugly picture, – the first president ever to order his administration to deliberately hurt the American people.

His few remaining sycophants cling to the myth that those who despise Obama – are racist.

Yet this First Black American President has raised Black Unemployment to unheard-of levels,  raised Black single teenage motherhood to historic levels,  and set race relations back a full 50 years.

While race may be a part of why Obama hates us, – it is his actions and his policies which have turned grudging acceptance into sheer loathing – in 4 short but painful years.

Just by being even-handed and following our Constitution, – Obama could have gone into the History Books as one of our best presidents,  – albeit propelled by the same Affirmative Action which got his unqualified and undocumented ass elected.

Now, that cannot happen.

Instead – over time his name will be come an adjective – like Pharaoh, Narcissus, Oedipus, Pariah, Napoleonic, Benedict Arnold, Crapper,  Quisling,  Mussolini,  Hitler,  Stalin,  Ponzi, or a Lewinski.

His ‘legacy’ won’t be so much the hated ObamaCare, as it will be the record of race and class-driven pent-up hatred and evil which spews forth on a daily basis. Already you can Google: Obamatrocity. Try it!

This week’s government shutdown is hardly a ‘crisis’. But Obama wants a record of managing and mastering crisis – so he declares it to be.  It gives him a fresh topic to go campaigning on.  And campaigning is his only real skill…

And he needs villains to vanquish – so the Republicans – and ‘those 80 Tea Party Republicans’ become his bogymen. Instead of talking to them – he tries to isolate and vilify them, – never thinking that a year from now he ~ just might ~ need their help in a REAL crisis.

shutting down parks

Obama reveals the depth of his hatred by closing military commissaries, furloughing military chaplains, and attempting to close the World War II Memorial in Washington.

A parks ranger revealed he was under orders to ‘make it a difficult as possible’.

Ask any Democrat / Obama-lover you know to explain the actions of Obama toward 80 and 90 year old WWII vets making their once-in-a-lifetime visit to the Memorial.  Ask them: is this is the action of an American President, – or of a petty third world dictator

Remind them…that he’s been covering up Benghazi for over a year now.

Yet, Obama is STILL arming terrorists posing as Syrian ‘Freedom Fighters’.

 Wanna bet?  I’m betting that our tax $$ are STILL flowing to the baby-killers at Planned Parenthood!

How detached from the American people is he?   While screwing military families and aging war veterans, our Narcissist-in-Chief was sitting for his official portrait.
Narcissist in Chief 

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  2. Casey Chapman

    Yes. You are right. Just like the sequester, he’s trying to make it hurt. School yard bully and a brat that he is. This so called shutdown, is only shutting down 15%. Reid, his chief minion, refuses to pay for the VA, which my husband depends on for his medical needs——for political reasons. Refuses to fund the National Health Institute, despite the cancer research they do——for political reasons. Despite the fact that the Republicans, you know those “nasty tea baggers?”, sent him bills that would have done so. All this crap for a few Latino votes,etc. I hope that the Latinos and the blacks wake up, and throw bums like Reid out.

  3. Varvara

    Ask the people who own the bus tours, the tour guides the café owners, the bistro owners, the small hotel and pension owners in Normandy, France if they are happy with 0bama.

    Think of the American citizens who have saved for this trip of a lifetime not allowed in the cemetery.

    Think about the brides with their dreams shattered because 0bama has closed the roads to private inns and restaurants.
    Where do they go such short notice?

    But 0bama’s golf course is still open.

  4. KarenG

    Obama’s official portrait — gak…a waste of perfectly good paint.

  5. Mark

    The paint would run if it could.