Happy Saint Patty’s Day U. S. 7th Cavalry!

Posted March 17th, 2017 by Iron Mike

To my favorite Irish-American Troops – Happy Saint Patty’s Day 2017 you Magnificent Bastards!
It seems I can never forget you guys,…even if I wanted to….

You inherited thousands of years of Fighting Irish tradition when you were assigned to the 7th….

Stand tall and keep Freedom alive!

And,…to all those other Irish troops over the decades…

Peace and Freedom have always been paid for with the sweat and blood of brave young men,  and the tears of the women who loved them!

One Response to “Happy Saint Patty’s Day U. S. 7th Cavalry!”

  1. Panther 6

    OMG! Love it Mike. Was talking to one of my old officers from the 82d not two hours ago and he brought up how many Irish served in the west after the Civil War. Sending this on to him and a lot more who will appreciate the tune. As an aside over half of the troops who fought in the Revolution were of Irish ancestry. Being of Irish ancestry me’self let me just say, ERIN GO BRAGH and Slainte!

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