Happy New Year Democrats!

Posted December 26th, 2016 by Iron Mike

To all you Botox Pelosi Bimbos,  – you Hypocritical Hillaryphiles,  – you Gigolo Johnnies,  – and you outraged Fake Cherokees,…here are our BEST WISHES for a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

And,…just a little honest advice…..

Your entire Democrat / Progressive / Socialist / Communist party is reeling from Trump’s victory. You’re blaming the Media, the FBI, the Russians, Julian Assange, Facebook, John Podesta, and Anthony Weiner.

FUCK THAT;   – go look in the damned mirror – EACH of you!

Hillary’s defeat was foretold decades ago when she and you departed the covenants of the Democrat Party.

Obama is a horribly failed president,  – a man who always hated America.   You elevated him – you alone are guilty.   Own it openly,  and repent publicly,  – or else ‘democrats’ will always carry the stain and the smell.

Hillary Clinton was the single WORST candidate you could have offered.

You were willfully blind to her life of lying,  corruption,  ambition and criminal behavior.

Repent by ostracizing the Clintons and their cartel,  – never having ANYTHING to do with them.  There is no other way for you to cleanse the stain and prove you’ve moved past them and grown wiser.

You need to decide now – and quickly – exactly what you stand for and exactly who you represent.

Do you represent the weak,  – the powerless, – the working men and women of America?

Or do you represent campus and Hollywood elitesillegal immigrants, and Muslim terrorists disguised as ‘refugees’…?

Do you represent Law Enforcement,…or drug users and cop-haters?

Have you ever actually READ our CONSTITUTION?   

Do you know American History?

Do you understand how utterly hypocritical it is when elected Democrats swear their OATH to Uphold, Protect, and Defend our Constitution,  – then spend all their time in office plotting to subvert it…?

You need to pick a side;.…either you believe that America is an exceptional nation – a unique accident of history which allowed Freedom to flourish as it never could under kings,….OR,…

…you think we are ‘just one of many – no better – and maybe worse…’.


You cannot pretend to ‘care about children’ when you support wholesale abortion.

You cannot claim America needs immigrant labor when you are murdering over one million babies per year.

You cannot claim you want people living in safe cities,  – when turning those same cities into ‘Sanctuary Cities’  – where criminal illegal immigrants are shielded from deportation.

You cannot claim to ‘Support the Police’ – when you openly praise Black Lives Matter and oppose the Death Penalty for cop killers….

Obama just spent 8 years ignoring the plight of inner-city Black families – as most Blacks born today are born to unwed teenage girls.

Do you have a plan to change this, – – or will you be perpetuating the Black Voter Plantation?  Time to decide!

You cannot claim to believe in religious freedom – while excluding prayers from football games and mangers from town property,…even as you give time and space to Satanists and Muslims.

STOP saying “Happy Holidays”; – say “Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah”

Either you support working people,  – or the thugs who run their unions and make huge campaign contributions (forced from their members) to corrupt political candidates.

Either you support the idea of the most worthy students getting a chance at higher education,  – or you believe in watering down college to the point that hordes functionally illiterate students can still matriculate with worthless degrees (and massive debt) – while professors like Elizabeth Warren can make $400K per year….

Either you want your daughters and grand-daughters to be safe in public restrooms, – or you want to cater to a tiny minority of transgenders,  – KNOWING that sex perverts and predators will endanger your daughters under cover of your stupid laws….

Either you believe we should live in a nation where law and order prevail,  – or you think anybody from any country should be free to come live in America – no questions asked!    Which is it?

So if you support open borders and unlimited migration,  – prove it:

remove the locks from your front and back doors!

Either you believe we should speak to each other in terms of facts and truth,  – or you believe America should run a Propaganda Ministry to ‘guide the thinking of the populace’.

In 2016 the ‘Media’ was by-passed – both by Donald Trump and by the people who saw him as honest – and the Media as dishonest.

Our Press enjoys protection under our 1st Amendment,  – but they ABUSED and ABANDONED their RESPONSIBILITY to TELL THE TRUTH.

Nobody made them take sides,…they did that themselves.  Choices have consequences….

America just watched fringe candidate (certified kook) Jill Stein demand a recount – which ended up PROVING massive voter fraud in major Democrat-run cities.

As a PARTY are you ready to fully back VOTER ID,….or will you remain unapologetically the PARTY of VOTER FRAUD?

Do you envision a time in the future when you can win an honest election?

Most of you Democrats speak openly – with astounding ignorance,  – about guns and our 2nd Amendment.   At RRB we URGE you to learn the facts,  – and take a shooting course before you mount your soapbox and bombasticate your ignorance in public.

Study a little History and learn why America is a free country – with no king.

HINT:   it’s because we had gunslots of them.

It’s the same reason why no foreign power since 1812 has tried to invade us…..

STOP using tragic accidental deaths and the acts of the insane as an excuse to strip us of guns.  When you do you sound exactly like Lenin, Hitler, Idi Amin Dada, Mao, Pol Pot and Castro.

An elderly woman sitting alone with her gun still has a fighting chance of surviving a home invasion. Dialing 911 just tells the police to come investigate the crime scene and photograph the body.

Since most of you were getting your ‘news’ from the Propaganda Ministry’ – you were probably unaware that almost everything Al Gore was preaching about Man-Made Global Warming – has been proven FALSE!

It was a trick to allow a few in on the game to get rich,  – while you paid nearly double to heat your homes and run your cars.  America has the energy and the technology to be energy-independent from the rest of the world,  – and we need to use it all.

BTW, those damned windmills are killing eagles at a horrific rate…..

Finally let’s talk a bit about drugs, opioids, and marijuana.  Whether it is food, tobacco, booze, or drugs, – there is a place for them,  – and ALWAYS a price to be paid for ABUSE.

You need to realize that while people may be equal under the law,  – their DNA is not equal.  Some gain weight faster,  – while others become addicted faster.  If driving drunk is clearly a danger to both the driver and to everybody he might crash into,…

…so should be driving stoned….

…and you need to recognize that allowing teens and young adults to use marijuana – a gateway drug – fairly quickly alters their brains in a way which can never be repaired.

We Republicans are thus suspicious that you know that – and are deliberately trying to dumb down large segments of the population.

It’s exactly why we think your leaders were so eager to support legalized marijuana;   – because you knew it would produce another generation of historically vacuous voters easily manipulated and misled by the Propaganda Ministry.

So it’s soul-searching time for Democrats – if you still have souls….

Do you represent the American People,   – or just the Hollywood and Campus elites,  – and the illegals,  – and the Muslims who will butcher you along with us…?

And REALLY Democrats,….WHO in your party really thought that Creepy Clown Tim Kaine would EVER be a worthy president…?

And you Democrats should distance yourselves from George Soros.  Many of you don’t even know anything about him…..

Happy New Year Democrats!

Are you still an AMERICAN political party?

6 Responses to “Happy New Year Democrats!”

  1. Jim Gettens

    The other day a woman walked into a Massachusetts bank branch managed by someone I know. The woman wanted to open a new account. She was asked: “Will this be a business account?”
    The woman responded: “No, I’m from the Dominican Republic and the account is for direct deposit of my benefits. You have to be stupid to work if you can get benefits free.”



  2. Reverend E. Raleigh Pimperton III

    Do you remember when Democrats opined that Bush would be the last Republican President for generations? Obama was to set in place a permanent Democrat regime that would leave Islamophobes and misogynists to wander in the wilderness. Illegal immigrants were redefined as undocumented Democrats and would help carry elections through the millennium. Conservative principles were as outdated as last week’s news.

    How’s that workin’ out for ya?

  3. FLICK

    Excellent Year(s)-In-Review Mike. Most everything that is wrong with my America is summed up here.

    B. HUSSEIN Obama’s scored earth lame duck era is almost over, much like the other HUSSEIN’s lighting of the oil fires on his way out. It took a massive effort and too much time to undo what that madman did to humanity and the environment.

    Hopefully MY PRESIDENT on January 20 can quickly put out the fires left by the present POS-In-Chief.

    I hope God is still on our side after all we’ve done to him.

  4. Sonny's Mom

    A little consolation prize to our leftist breyhren, h/t milblog “This Ain’t Hell [But You Can See It From Here]”.

  5. Catherine

    Note to FLICK after the comment “I hope God is still on our side after all we’ve done to him.”

    It is our job to be on HIS side. If we do that, He will aid us. Just as He did on November 8th.

  6. Leonard Mead

    Your devastating summary of how democrat policies have sunk to being a loathsome enemy of our beautiful country as it was founded was magnificent.

    Far too many voters are unaware of how dangerous a democrat vote has become.

    Only our electoral college, formed by the devout geniuses who wrote our constitution, saved our country from crooked Hillary and failed, corrupt wealth re-distribution democrat policies. The “electors” of our president require candidates to campaign and win in ALL state and county areas large and small.

    Three million more democrat votes were cast for crooked Hillary and primarily from large, loony, liberal big-city areas like southern California, Detroit, Chicago, Massachusetts, ghetto New York and Miami.

    Many democrat votes from these economically failing areas were due to the process of allowing illegals on welfare to get the ability to VOTE along with their driver’s licenses — an outrage on face. This allowed dependent individuals getting food stamps, housing subsidies, free health care and lifetime payments to impregnated teenagers bringing babies into fatherless families to vote for the party that provides these bribes — and who could blame them?

    Tea Party principles of limited constitutional government, free market solutions and individual responsibility represented by Trump voters have given our country a chance to survive.

    As the last savior of country, Abe Lincoln, said, “This nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”