Greg Gutfeld Eviscerates Obama’s Legacy

Posted December 12th, 2016 by Iron Mike

It takes Greg just 90 seconds to rip apart Obama’s smug mask of elitism – and define him for what he is – a agenda-driven fraud with a massive blind spot.

Just imagine what we’ll learn in the years to come when all of Obama’s stooges write their books…..

.we’re going to be really pissed at Republicans who were too chicken to impeach this fraud!

Today Democrats are pissing and moaning about so-called “Fake News”….most of which can be traced to left-wing sources…..

…but for 8 years we’ve endured a FAKE PRESIDENT…who was just going through the motions, between rounds of golf,  vacations,  and expensive White House dinner parties….

3 Responses to “Greg Gutfeld Eviscerates Obama’s Legacy”

  1. Vic

    I still have to wonder, (especially now, looking at the above photo) if the late Joan Rivers was correct about the First Lady. Time will tell, I guess!

  2. Mt Woman

    Please tell me, I’m dying here–what did the late Joan Rivers say about the first lady??

    This probably cost her her life:

  3. Mt Woman

    Only Greg Gutfeld could cut right to the issue of Obama’s willful and purposeful blindness because he didn’t want to “see” the problem. If he saw Radical Islam for what it is–radical–he would have been compelled to do something.

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