George Tsunis – Rich Obamaphile Abroad

Posted January 23rd, 2014 by Iron Mike

May God [or Thor] help Norway!  They have a new problem – in addition to Muslim immigrants and native-born freeloaders.  They’re about to get a rich, stupid new American ambassador.
Ambassador Tsunis
George Tsunis was smart enough to bundle a cool $500,000.oo for Obama, – but he was too stupid to study for his appointment as Ambassador to Norway.  And why should he?   His Democratic friends [paid-for friends] still control the US Senate?  His confirmation is pretty much a lock.

Hey, If Sweet Caroline can be Ambassador to Japan [after dissing Obama in 2012], loyal Long Island MoonBat George can damn well go to Norway. Even if he knows nothing about the country!

Who’s gonna question it?  Nobody questioned Obama’s credentials – that would have been ‘racist’.

So why question the credentials of the rich fat guy with the cute wife?  That ~ might ~ be profiling.

And since Dirty Harry Reed killed the filibuster – it only takes 51 votes, – piece of cake! 

When John McCain asked George to discuss the role of the Norwegian Progress Party,  George promptly answered they were a ‘minor fringe group’.  WRONG! 

The Progress Party is part of the ruling Conservative Party coalition – both united by their deep concerns over Norway’s near-bankrupt welfare system. 

Seems that between home-grown layabouts and Muslim immigrants – there are too many people sitting at home playing video games while collecting welfare checks.  Sound familiar?   The Norwegian term for it is ‘naving‘ – like ‘navigating the system’…

But why should a rich New York Obama supporter / fundraiser bother to study up for a Senate Hearing?  Isn’t $500,000.oo enough reasons to be confirmed?

During his confirmation hearing George also mentioned the ‘President of Norway’.  OOPS!   They have a parliament – and they still have a king, – a fellow named Harald V – who’s had the job since 1991.

The Norwegian press has already taken full measure of their new American Ambassador.  Obama burns another loyal ally, – this one in a very strategic location.

I rather doubt Kerry had any say in the appointment;  George bundled more $$$ than Kerry did.  George knows how to buy friends.   Hey Lurch, – how does it feel to be a traveling figurehead?

NOTE how well-connected Tsunis is.  Check the photos below – and understand that NY socialites Dennis and Karen Mehiel are the KEY Democratic power-brokers in the cityTHEY were the ones who funded Princess CrabCakes [aka Senator Elizabeth Warren] as she kicked off her campaign back in October 2011.

Tsunis with the Mehiels

Count the senators in the bottom picture – along with our National Village Idiot, – and Jim Chanos – a hedge fund operator who got rich back in the day short-selling Enron stock.  Unholy company the Archbishop is keeping….
George Tsunis and Democrat bigwigs

Our Norwegian readers encouraged to leave comments!

George, have you learned Norwegian yet? How ’bout Russian?

George in Norway

UPDATE: In December 2014 Tsunis finally pulled the plug on his own nomination.

5 Responses to “George Tsunis – Rich Obamaphile Abroad”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Notice, that our village idiot is the only one who is truly playing to the camera? At least in the top picture. Upchuck Schummer is mugging in the lower one as well. Perhaps that’s his qualifications for the job. Or, the dear leader is getting him out of the country in the hopes that we wouldn’t notice him or his contributions to the dear leader’s campaigns. After all, they seldom advertise when they appoint somebody to one of these outposts.

  2. MC

    This man makes “Sweet Caroline” look like a mental giant. Where does Obama find these people?

    As the world laughs, they have to understand the utter frustration that we are going through with this administration.

  3. Walter Knight

    LOL this is too funny. Please, tell me at least one of you have seen the TV series Lilyhammer, about a Mobster hiding in Norway. You can see it on Netflix.

    This guy looks like the wise guy in the TV show. Surely someone in the press will eventually see it. OMG.

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  5. Varvara

    Have you notice that Archbishop Demetrios is not smiling?