Don’t Let Obama Use You Mrs. Wheeler

Posted April 13th, 2013 by Iron Mike

We fully share your pain, the horror, the shock over the mindless evil that took Ben's Momthe lives of the innocents at Sandy Hook, – including your son Ben.

But WE did not
kill your son Francine,
nor did our guns.

A madman did; – one that mental health ‘professionals’ and his parents had tried to mainstream.  He thanked his mother by murdering her. 

Please stop being used by Obama and the gun-grabbing socialists.  In your grief you may think you helping the cause of ‘gun safety’.  You’re not.  You’re being what Stalin called ‘a useful idiot’ – in the long-running ploy to disarm a free people.  Please wake up, and stop it. Obama is using you. Don’t let him!

One Response to “Don’t Let Obama Use You Mrs. Wheeler”

  1. Casey Chapman

    The lefties always find that it’s easier to claim ‘guns’ than it is the mental health system, always. They don’t want to try to fix the mental health system, either, because doing so isn’t “politically correct”.

    The victims at Sandy Hook paid the ultimate price for the authorities being politically correct instead of using their common sense.