Disgusting! Obama To Pimp Jeff Bauman

Posted January 28th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Tonight’s SotU Address will be a spectacle – an unholy spectacle!
           Folks,  this may be the toughest entry I’ve had to write in five years; – please bear with me.
Jeff and Carlos - hospital
10 months ago the Tsarnaev brothers bombed the Boston Marathon finish line.  Jeff Bauman was probably the most grievously wounded surviving victim. Tonight Obama will use him to distract from his own leadership failures.

Obama has nothing positive to talk about – certainly no accomplishments during 2013, – and nothing good on the horizon.

He’s failed to catch the Benghazi attackers – the ones CNN found and interviewed.

He picked the wrong group to back in Syria – and damn near had us bomb the country.  Russia saved his butt.

He’s indifferent to the war he’s losing in Afghanistan, and he’s pissed off both the Pakistanis and the Indians.

Iran openly mocks him as they build nuclear bombs – essentially out in the open.

ObamaCare is an unmitigated disaster – far worse than anything Republicans or the TEA Party could have imagined.  Obama can claim that a few million have ‘signed up’ – but most likely the insurance companies have no actual record of it.   Meanwhile, tens of millions have lost coverage, and tens of millions more will be paying double or triple for worse coverage.

Unemployment in December was a horror show;  the only ‘increase’ in jobs were the Christmas hires – likely already laid off this month.  Our work force has shrunk to the lowest point since after WWII – because so many older Americans have given up trying, and gone on Social Security or worse – on disability.

Catering to his wacko environmental campaign backers [his only remaining friends other than al Qaeda and la Raza] Obama is still blocking the Keystone XL.  This benefits his rich buddy Warren Buffett – who is hauling Bakkan oil on his BNSF Railroad despite the risks of train wrecks and fires like Castleton, ND last month.


Since 2010, Republicans in the House have honored their Oaths of Officeto our Constitution – and honored the wishes of the voters who send them there.  They have stymied Obama’s attempts to turn us into a European socialist country

Obama is truly pissed, and has been threatening to ‘go around Congress’ – as do many third world tyrants.   I think we’ll see some of this tonight.

And he’s playing both the RACE CARD and the CLASS WARFARE CARD.   His cartel poll-tested the terms ‘wealth redistribution’ and ‘income inequality’, – and got very negative results.  People have caught on to his game.

So instead, tonight the buzz word will be ‘building ladders of opportunity’ – which means essentially the same thing – tax the crap out of anybody hard-working and/or successful, – and give free stuff to those who did poorly in school, – who dropped out, or  who won’t get off their ass and find a job.

He won’t talk about all the business who have shut their doors here and gone overseas to get away from his insane spate of anti-business regulations…..

He WILL promise to raise the minimum wage for any company working on a federal contract.  That’s supposed to be a good thing – but it raises the cost of government for the working taxpayers – not for the freeloaders and layabouts.


He thinks he is our king


That’s where Jeff Bauman comes in. 

Jeff and Carlos minutes afterHe’ll be seated up in the Gallery with [shudder] Michelle, Jill Biden, Valerie Jarrett, and a collection of people Obama wants showcase – like out-of-the closest gay NBA star Jason Collins.

With Jeff will be his rescuer Carlos Arredondo – who is a minor hero. Jeff’s heroics come not from his victimhood, but from the strength of character he has shown in his recovery and in the remaking of his life.

But you can BET – Obama won’t mention the fact that his FBI FAILED to act on the Russian’s repeated warnings about the Tsarnaev Family.

You can BET he won’t explain why Dzhokhar Tsarnaev hasn’t ALREADY been tried, convicted and sentenced to DEATH….

You can BET Obama won’t have much to say about how come his NSA knows you’re reading this blog – in real time,but he STILL hasn’t bothered to send people to capture the Benghazi attackers, – the ones CNN found and interviewed.



Gentlemen, you are both good men; – you both reacted well, – Carlos in the moment, – and Jeff in the days and weeks which have followed.   You fully deserve recognition and applause.

You don’t deserve to be used as distractions and shills by this piece-of-socialist shit president tonight!

If he had anything worthwhile to talk about – he wouldn’t need you there as a distraction – to fill up time, – and to make it look like he cares.  He doesn’t care….  He can’t, – he’s a narcissist.



It ~ could ~ be said that I too am making use of Jeff and Carlos for political purposes.  I struggled with that before I started pounding these keys. 

But the mainstream media and their talking heads won’t point out the nauseating pimping of victims and heroes, – and the despicable lumping of Jeff and Carlos next to a man whose only accomplishment was being a mediocre hoop player who announced that he is gay. 

Instead, they’ll focus their cameras on the pomp and circumstance of the event, fill up time discussing the gallery guests,  and fawn over Obama’s ‘vision’.

If Americans thought they were ‘making history’ in 2008 and again in 2012; – they need to wake up and realize they elected, – then re-elected the slimiest,  most un-American and unethical president in this nation’s history

During these past 5 years America has run up enormous debt,  become significantly weaker economically and industrially, – watched as our military has been deliberately weakened, – and stood by silently as first Hillary Clinton and now John Kerry turn allies and friends into wary and disinterested observers.

And we have three long years to go….

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

15 Apr 13 Marathon Bombing

ASK YOURSELVES:  W-H-Y  hasn’t  Dzhokhar faced a JURY yet?   W-H-Y  the delays?

SFC Cory Remsburg

3 Responses to “Disgusting! Obama To Pimp Jeff Bauman”

  1. Casey Chapman

    I have plans to watch either hockey or college basketball tonight. Why should I waste my time, watching the pResident make a mockery of our Constitution once again? I’ll get the summery on Glenn Beck’s Blaze TV tomorrow anyway.

  2. Varvara

    Why hasn’t Dzhokhar faced a jury yet? Why? After all he is entitled to a speedy trial. We guarantee that one will always have a speedy trial no matter who he/she is. Perhaps Valerie hasn’t given her permission yet.

    Good luck to you Jeff and Carlos, may you be healthy.

    I really don’t wish to watch our Constitution shredded tonight. But I will remember one thing: the Constitution begins with the words “We the people.”

  3. Walter Knight

    Obama still has goals:

    He wants to steal as much money as he can before leaving, and pay off all his friends.

    He wants to reduce or destroy our nuclear arsenal.

    He wants 15 million people on Obamacare to be a beholding permanent Democrat voting base.

    He wants to prosecute more police officers and Republicans.

    He wants to lose or tip the balance against the West in as many wars as possible. He may even start a new war.

    He wants to appoint more liberal federal judges.

    He wants to permanently change America’s demographics with amnesty and open borders from the world.

    He wants to get even with you.