Democrat’s War On Women Continues

Posted April 6th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Obama’s Economy dumps them on the street.  And when you’re not working – you can’t get a raise or a promotion!
March 2014 Unemployment

Unemployed Black Democratic women
will proudly recall Michelle Obama’s extravagant vacation in China during March…

Now what better solution for unemployed American women than adding 11 million illegal Mexican immigrants to the work force – or the unemployment rolls?

4 Responses to “Democrat’s War On Women Continues”

  1. Tom

    Do we know how many women, white, Black, Hispanic, Asian and other ethnicities are on the rolls of the unemployed. With the total men, women and transgender being at 92 million and growing, those numbers would jump off the page. Like you said, this is the real war on woman and “person kind”.

  2. Hawk1776

    Hope & Change, Baby. Hope & Change.

  3. Casey Chapman

    Obama wants us to believe, that the job market is getting better, even as he manipulates the numbers to make himself look good.

  4. bob

    Hi everyone! I hate obama! Wait a minute…. there was someone named george bush who was republican? He started the iraq war? He didn’t know how to say old proverbs correctly? I think i changed my mind about the democrats….