Death By Hoodie In Lynn, Mass

Posted April 21st, 2014 by Iron Mike

Live by the ‘Gangsta Code’ – you’ll die that way! Death by Hoodie It happens daily across this troubled land, – teenagers dress and act like street thugs – and buy into more trouble than they can handle.

This past Wednesday in Lynn, MA – it happened again.

Seems two wannabes – one armed with a shotgun – attempted to rob a young man they thought was carrying either marijuana or cash – or both.  18-yr old Amboy [Amoy?] Blake stuck the shotgun to the head of the victim – and ordered him inside the hallway of 192 Washington Street.

That maneuver didn’t work well. The victim was armed with a .357 pistol [licensed] and fired three or four times, hitting Blake twice in the chest. Blake’s partner-in-crime Jahleel Sander Williams – age 17 – who lived just over a mile away, – ran.  But was picked up…

And charged with murder!  Under Massachusetts law an accomplice can be charged with murder if either the victim, a bystander, or the perpetrator is killed.


Per news stories, the youth of Lynn began to memorialize Blake – who had pointed a shotgun at a man’s head to rob him…

From the Lynn ItemLive:

Friends described Blake as a role model.

He was a good friend, somebody I can look up to,”  said Marcus Williams, 17, when reached by phone Wednesday afternoon.  “He was close to everybody, a good friend. He never had no drama with anybody.”

Role model? No Drama? If Amboy Blake was a ‘role model’ – we can expect a LOT MORE young people of color to be shot,  stabbed,  and jailed from Lynn, MA. saggy pants and hoodies

Pretty clear we can’t expect them to learn anything, – spiff up their wardrobes, – and consider that North Shore Community College just might be their ticket out of the ‘hood’.

No, they’ll live in their saggy pants and dark hoodies until they die in them!

Amoy Blake Corrected

Kevin Omar SanchezUPDATE: Thursday, 24 April 2014 A third youth – 15-yr old Kevin Omar Sanchez has been arraigned in Lynn District Court – for murder – charged as an adult because of his extensive juvenile and gang record – and held without bail. Gang careers end in one of two ways.

UPDATE: Sat Nite 26 April – this posting suddenly VERY popular [250+] – mostly from North Shore IPs.

Kids, are you just angry – or are you GETTING THE MESSAGE?

If you make BAD DECISIONS – as Blake / Williams / Sanchez did – you’ll either DIE – or spend a lot of time in prison.  While you’re in prison, – the woman you love will have babies with someone else.

Does your family have the $$ to bury you now? Are dumb decisions worth it?

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UPDATE: Monday 29 September 2014   The bullets keep flying in Lynn. – and this posting has had 3,803 visitors thus far… man shot in lynn

IT CONTINUES:   Monday, 13 July 2015   Some folks never learn…

Lynn cop Struck

He probably never heard the rotor blades…heroin dealer Rafael Suazo, 23, died in hospital Monday nite – with a police bullet in his head.

ANOTHER:   Monday vic 6 AM 11 July 2016Philip Russo age 24 – was found shot in the head on Chestnut Street.
Philip Russo


44 Responses to “Death By Hoodie In Lynn, Mass”

  1. Tom

    I lived in Lynn the first 24 years of my life and I can assure you that there were no gangs, no drugs, no your muders, – so what has happened? This may sound racist but the influx of blacks and Hispanics, Section 8 housing, fatherless homes, no work ethic and plentiful drugs made possible by relaxed laws just may be the problem.

    Unfortunately this pattern exists all over the country today, but it is more prevalent in the urban areas.

  2. Casey Chapman

    A lot of towns are going through the same thing. Relax the rules, because they seem too strict, and voilà. Instant Detroit style progressivism.

  3. Walter Knight

    “He never had no drama with anybody.”

    That statement sums things up pretty well. Build projects, idiots will come to your neighborHood, too.

  4. Walter Knight

    More need to die from ‘death by hoodie’:

  5. Anonymous

    I was friends of all 3 of them , This opinion of yours is so degrading and so fucking stupid. Yeah he held a shot gun to someones head but he’s still a person, someones fucking child, so yes they will stand in lynn in memory of him and not everyone who wears baggy pants and a sweat shirt means they’ll die next. Where’s your heart ? Because for this article you deserve nothing more than to go to hell. & maybe a feeling of what it would be like to loose a friend or a fucking child.

  6. Mercedes Neall

    Listen asshole. Mr walter knight … Im a lynn teen I wear hoodies so does that mean you wish death apon another child ? You are a sick bastard along with a sinner you cant not be one to judge or wish death apon someone one clearly satan has taken over your soul and thanks very much but im a successful teen in a hoodie and id perfer you not to wish death apon me and the kids of my city .

  7. anonymous

    I am a former friend of Amoy Blake and you may not want to accept the fact that this article makes sense but everything is valid. The harsh way it is presented I DO NOT agree with but just take a step back and think. What if it was the other way around? Would you be saying that the robber deserved to die because he threatened the life of your friend? The victim was in a life or death situation and he legally is justified to do what he did. Not saying Amoy deserved to die at all but this goes to show some things you do could possibly cost your life. We all make mistakes but some could cost your life. This is what the white people expect from young black men. We are tearing each other down instead of trying to rise up against statistics! We are better than this! It’s sad that nobody is realizing how bad this makes us look. They are laughing at us! And we continue to be ignorant and become another static. Wisen up!


    Nobody is laughing at you! We wish the Democratic Party had never happened to you.

    364,000 Union Soldiers (24% of the entire Union Army – including Black Soldiers from Massachusetts) did not die so that slaves would become semi-literate, welfare-fed, drug-using street gang-bangers, unwed mothers, and prison inmates.

    The sacrifices of Frederick Douglas, Abe Lincoln and MLK sometimes seem wasted while young Blacks and young Hispanics turn their backs on studying, learning, public service, and working for a living, – and turn instead to the false security of street gangs, baggy pants, and hoodies.

    By the age of 12 or 13, – many inner city youths have already sealed their fate. Believe me, – we’re not laughing!

    /s/ Iron Mike

  8. Dont fucking worry about it.

    Listen asshole ! Are you okay? , wishing death upon kids cause they wear hoodies & shit . Your dick , I WISH IT WAS YOU WHO DIED INSTEAD OF MY BOY AMOY CAUSE I BET YOU HE HAS A BIGGER HEART THAN A SCUMBAG LIKE YOU , people make mistakes , were kids were not perfect around that age you do reckless shit . But your a fucking dick RT ! I hope someone finds out who you are & puts a shockgun to your head & kills you asshole


    Really? What kind of a “heart” did Amoy have as he planned his armed robbery?

    What kind of “heart” did he have as he placed a shotgun to a man’s head?

    At what point of his life was Amoy planning to outgrow this “reckless shit”?

  9. lynx malone

    I’m with iron Mike. Stop being so indignant. Yeah ya boy is gone and another young brother in chains. But by their own choices. All this hustle out here. They wanted to rob someone. U reap Wat u sow. Wat if amoy had blown that guys head off? Wat would u youngins have to say then? bang bang in a chief keefe voice? Rip amoy. Wake the f up youth!!!!!

  10. Anonymous

    What about the mentally fucked up white kids that are going around shooting up schools and killing their parents? I don’t see you making a blog about that!!! But want to talk about “blacks” or “Hispanics” I’m pretty sure your an ignorant white person that made this!!!! NO! I did not know the kid but who are you to say someone deserves to die?! This is someone’s child, brother, grandchild. I’m not saying what AMOY did was right, but I damn sure am saying this right here is wrong. & to use the colour of someone’s skin to justify yur blog is beyond disrespectful!!!! Stop and think.. What if this was yur brother or son or grandson you wouldn’t be saying the samething!! So what that people sag their pants and WHO GIVES A FUCK IF SOMEONE WEARS A HOODIE SWEATER?! It doesn’t defined the person.. <— that takes us to the Trayvon Martin case!! He had a hoodie on so that ment he deserved to die?! You sound so stupid. Get a life and let Amoys soul rest in Peace!! & for his 2 friends you DO NOT KNOW What they are going threw!! From my understanding hid Bestfriend (Jahleel) lost his parents so all he had was outsiders (Family as he would call them) he basically lived with Amoy now they are trying to charge them with murder just imagine what these kids are going threw. Instead of trying to make it harder for everyone to accept the fact that their friend, or family member is gone just leave the situation alone if you have nothing respectful to say. You ignorant piece of shit!!!!!


    Anonymous, you have pretty much proven my points.

    You cannot write a literate paragraph. You cannot spell.

    You cannot write or speak common American English.

    You cannot THINK past your own Pity Party.

    If you could READ, you’d know we’ve written nearly 2,600 post over the past 5 years – and been ruthless in pointing out ignorance, corruption, and evil in all peoples, – from all races and creeds.

    Just click on our front page – there is a posting about two WHITE THUGS. How did you miss seeing it?

    Maybe YOU can tell everybody – at what point in his life did Amoy decide to rip off a stranger at gunpoint? At what point in YOUR LIFE did you decide that was a forgivable crime?

    WHEN will you admit that those 3 kids made BAD CHOICES – of their OWN FREE WILL – and that one is dead and the others will do years in prison – and go through life with a murder conviction?

    WHEN will you wise up?

  11. lynn teen

    I’m sorry to be a reasonable voice but really. This is stupid for the person to write an article about “colored” teens is not only rude but racist. Although facts are facts people do make dumb decisions and for amoy he did make a fatal one. For one to persecute someone and write such an uncalled for and degrading article is to have a self righteous problem. You never made a mistake cuz I have and from a non ”
    colored” teen in lynn point of view I know more than 70 “colored” and or hispanic kids that are going to make something of themselves from lynn tech in general. Hey and I like hoodies and baggy jeans to its called freedom and you can wear something in you liesure time doesn’t mean your a bad person coming from someone going to become a doctor with a 3.8 gpa . People should be more aware about how they spread news and who they are hurting aka the family of his and his friends.


    Lynn Teen, there is a HUGE difference between ‘making a mistake’ – and committing ARMED ROBBERY by holding a SHOTGUN to a victim’s HEAD!

    If you can’t figure THAT out – somebody raised you wrong.

    When people make BAD CHOICES – they have to live [or DIE] with the results. If you CHOOSE to dress poorly – people WILL make judgments about your intelligence, your character, and your values.

    If you hang out with losers and criminalsyou WILL be judged by what the WORST of them do.

    You can’t choose where, when or to whom you were born, – but by age 14 your life choices are your own. Think carefully – and good luck!

  12. Black Tims Black Hoodie

    First of all his name is Amoy, and second of all who the fuck are you to write such an ignorant article about the death of a child!? & a situation that you really know nothing about besides what you have read in a newspaper. Regardless what happened that night nobody deserves to have their life taken. Okay the kid made a few bad choices in his life but you tell me what kid doesnt. That doesnt give you any right to disrespect this deceased young boy. I bet you wouldnt last a day in the “hood”. These streets would eat you alive. You have to hide behind a computer to talk about shit like this because ignorant, racist, scumbags like you. You posted a picture of a group of kids mourning the death of their friend and criticize the type of clothing theyre wearing. Get the fuck over yourself. Its a fuckin hooded sweatshirt and so what kids wear baggy pants. Big fuckin deal! I think you are a miserable lonely old fuck who has nothing better to do with your time then to hate on other people! Get over yourself. By the way your a suck ass writer if this is the type of articles that you put out. Lmao you have to write shit that gets people pissed ofg because no one would ever read your shit otherwise. Your pathetic. R.I.P Amoy.

    < <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Death of a ‘child’? Hardly!

    The very moment Amoy [papers first reported his name as Amboy] picked up a SHOTGUN and stepped out into the night to rob somebody – HE STOPPED BEING A ‘CHILD’!

    Wake up and GROW UP! Let Amoy’s last stupid criminal act be a LIFE LESSON for YOU!

  13. lynn teen

    Your not supposed to judge a book by its cover maybe you were raised wrong cuz last time I checked in a catholic household every one can be forgiven


    You are correct Lynn Teen – we are not supposed to judge by looks.

    At RRB we judge by words [written and spoken] and DEEDS!

    Amoy and his posse committed a CRIMINAL ACT! It would still have been criminal if they’d worn Brooks Brothers suits and silk neckties.

    But, – in REAL LIFE – people WILL judge you by how you act, how you speak, how you carry yourself, who you hang with, and how you’re groomed and dressed.

    If you DRESS like a gang-banger – they WILL assume you’re up to no good. Figure it out – or die like Amoy!

  14. Black Lynn teen

    Yes kids do make mistakes but not all kids put a gun to someone’s head
    You guys don’t want to realize what this article says is in fact true. This article came off very harsh to amoys friends and family but you can not justify the fact that he threatened to shoot someone while commuting a robbery. He should have known better. Maybe this will show you guys what could happen if you like a hood lifestyle.

  15. Born&Raised Lynner

    Mr. Ironmike,

    I am highly offended by this article. It is important to realize that the majority of young people in Lynn are often put at negative odds with sucess simply by being born. We are the children of former or current gang members, drug dealers and users, or parents who were still children themselves when we were concieved. We bare witness to countless drug deals, gang signs and calls, shottings, stabbings and beat downs before we even lea ve middle school. We are surrounded by adults who encourage the “Hood Lifestyle” and emphasize “Hustlin’ & Trappin'” as the only way to come up in this city where meaningful opportunities are overlooked or the people who truly need them are denied access. The troubled youth is emphasized over the successful because their actions elicit such large responses by people like you. And this only further glorifies the youth making the wrong decisions. So before we place so much emphasis on the “adult decisions and actions” that Amoy Blake “had the free-will choice” to make, lets think about what circumstances brought him there. Clearly, he had no family or positive role models to look up to or push him in the right direction or support him both emotionally and financially, the way a child should be and needs to be in order to focus on the things a child should like school, sports, and recreation. So Amoy, like a majority of Lynn’s youth was forced to become an adult at a yound age and forced to support himself. Unfortunately, he did so the only we he knew how- likely the only way he was shown- and it ended fatally.
    In no way do I mean to justify Amoy’s crime or take away from the fact that he made many bad decisions. But I want to open your eyes to the fact that in Lynn, there is often no other known choice or course of action due to the poor quality of parenting, teaching, and authority in our city as well as a lack of opportunity and equality that pervades our community. I agree, that this is an awful occurence and its prevalence is disgusting. However, that does not give you the right to bash our youth’s attire or their abilty to see the good in all people, even those who make some bad decisions. Nor is it appropriate for you to create internet memes exploiting a dead child and mimicking the authority of this nations leader. Your post is highly negative and sheds little light into the true issues between your lines of rubbish and indecency.


    I really welcome your comment Lynner, – but I don’t much care if you’re ‘offended’.

    What have YOU done to fix things in Lynn? How many Amoy Blakes have you turned around?

    As far as mimicking Obama’s inane statements about Trayvon Martin [another teenager who aspired to be a big-time gangbanger], Mister Obama has so far in 5+ years done NOTHING to earn my respect.

    Worse, thanks to Obama’s policies, Black unemployment is at an all-time HIGH, worse for Black women at 11%, and young Blacks – at 40%. You can bet your last dollar that I’ll continue to mock that arrogant racist narcissistic fraud – for the rest of my life!

    Taking note of your e-mail address – you might take the time to study the history of the Democratic Party and their relationship to Blacks – from the days of slavery forward to the Civil War, the Reconstruction, the KKK, lynchings, Jim Crow and gun control laws, to resisting the Civil Rights movement.

    We would not have 4th and 5th generation inner-city broken Black families without the Democratic Party.

  16. Aquino Loayza

    I am going to be honest, the fact a mans life was at risk doesn’t negate the fact that the blatant disrespect of the deceased has occurred here. Yes maybe they did something unjustifiable to the man who wrote this article. But we are human and error is in our way, is it not enough that what he did cost him his life? The audacity that you have is unheard of. I am from Lynn mass while I didn’t know this person well I can tell you that growing up in a place where people do what they have to is very sad. The republican party if they had their way would cut off alot of government programs based on a very small percentage abusing it. But maybe his family and others struggled to pay bills and did this to find a means of money. That doesn’t justify his actions but one who hasn’t lived a city who sees desperation like this on a everyday basis is unable to understand the concept of struggling. And to say one dresses like a gang banger is foolish. What of the mobsters who wore a suit and tie. A criminal is a criminal despite their attire. It is quite foolish to assume because the way you choose to clothe yourself correlates with your fate. IT seems you are very one sided I know many people who struggle. Would you rather provide for you family as the struggle even if you know it would be illegal ways in gaining the funds to do so. Or would you wait and hope despite all the stastics of inner city youth that you go to college and the mean time while you get your degree your family still struggles and come back to help them while trying to provide for yourself and pay off student loans. What they did is not right, but you as an American must understand why the people of Inner-city America struggle they aren’t to be taunted, we are the majority not you. Most are hard working Americans. To write off a whole city and to destroy ones reputation as they lay dead is unjust and morally wrong. I am sorry but the reality of it is, you have no idea of the struggle of these people and if you did your judgement wouldn’t have been so hasty.

  17. Born&Raised Lynner


    I did not mean to make it seem as if I believe that Obama is the epitome of a good president, that I agree with his policies, or that he is doing much to help the many troubled African-Americans who made it possible for him to be elected. However he is this nation’s leader, and I believe he should be respected as such. Regardless, your meme will likely never be acknowledged by him and thereby does nothing to change his policies or ideas. Nonetheless, Obama was not meant to be the highlight of my response, though he was the main issue of yours.
    More importantly, however, is the fact that you ignorantly believe that I, one young adult, can overturn the mindset of an entire city’s youth.

    I find it even more ignorant that you believe I would speak with such passion about an issue that I make no attempt to influence.

    As a youth myself, I did indeed take part in efforts to better our youth and lead them on a path of success and continue to do so informally. Currently, I am taking steps to earn a degree and obtain a career which will better enable me to inspire, empower, and positively influence my city’s children. But even then, I STILL may be unable to change anything at all. Anyone can give a speech. Anyone can give advice. But nobody can change the mind, ideas, and circumstances of a child’s life if they are unwilling or unable to listen- or being negatively influenced by someone who simply means more to them. But I promise you, I am and will continue to do my part to help these youth find the path to success.
    It seems that you, as well, are trying to communicate a message that does carry meaning and is important to the youth you are calling out. But to do it in such a negative and ignorant manner only prevents your message from being heard and further enrages our confused youth- pushing them against authority and those who know what’s best for them.

  18. Lynn

    I live in Lynn, and wear baggy clothes and sweatpants from time to time, with a 4.36 GPA. You’re making gross generalizations of the youth of Lynn. There are 85% of kids doing the RIGHT thing, and aspiring to do great things. But, of course, you and the media only bring to life the negativity of the 15% who were led astray. I agree that Amoy chose that life style, and as a result suffered the consequences, but there should be a filter. Also, disrespecting the kids who came to his memorial is utterly unnecessary. People are coming together to cope with a loss in their lives, and you have the audacity to ridicule their apparel. I’m sure that you and all of your republican friends would show up in limos and Armani suits if one of your friends was to pass away. I agree with some of your points, but you’re being ignorant. You’re generation fucked up this world. Me and my Lynn friends will fix it. Good day, sir.

  19. Lynn

    The smart, strong teens of Lynn who have responded to this I congratulate you and support you. The ignorant person writing these types of blogs truly do not understand the harm they cause. Think of these kids families!! The color of your skin, the type of clothing you wear, the family you were born into, you deserve the best of life, not the tragedy of death and constant threat of violence and hate. In all this ignorance, know that the love is out there.

  20. Lynn teen

    I considered Amoy a close friend and it just makes things worse seeing someone make an article like this its so unnecessary and disrespectful , after all he did have a heart i don’t care what you have to say , yes he had a gun pointed at someones head but we all make mistakes were all human. He had the best heart , always looking out for everyone including me. I’m 14 and he considered me his little sister he would walk me home when there was no one else that could walk me home , he would give me the best advice when i needed it and he would ALWAYS tell me to stay out of trouble , he was like a father figure to his baby brother. He had the best personality and all that really matters is the type of person he was towards us , his friends. The fact that he was considered a brother to most of us in Lynn demonstrates that he did have a good heart regardless of what he did. Yes he made some bad decisions but there’s no need for this ignorant article. In the end no one deserves to have there life taken away by any other person in such an instant , NO ONE. Say what you wanna say Amoy was a good kid and you guys aren’t anyone to try to say he wasn’t , you guys didn’t get to experience and see what Amoy was actually like outside of the street life like us his friends did.

  21. anonymously

    this youth needs GOD . this city needs GOD , america needs GOD . wake up youth & seek for the all mighty God , the king of kings !

  22. lynn freshman teen

    You can be very disrespectful but i can agree,on half of the things you said.Yes this kid amoy blake (know him)could be a good guy,but this guy joined a gang (crips) thats already a really a huge mistake.Also the reason why everyone is sweating him and acting like they care is because all the cool people on facebook knew him and some will act like they knew him to fit in, for example for the candle lighting, half the people there went just because they knew a lot of people where going.Im also pretty sure if he didnt get what he wanted he would of prabably shot the man.I am a teen who just started highschool. I agree with your statements, and theres many more, but they are just too scared to agree, because they can get jumped or get into a fight for it.

  23. Lynn raised me✊

    Your so fucking ignorant . Are you wishing for more people to die? Tf I am a teen & I live in Lynn . I wear hoodies all the fucking time , does that mean I’m going to die next? Nah , that don’t mean shit . Amoy didn’t deserve to die & I hope you do since you are saying all this ignorant stuff about Amoy , Kevin , Jahleel & everyone else that wears hoodies . smfh .

  24. lynn freshman hispanic teen

    The first comment by “tom” is the dummest i have seen yet. Does he think by saying “not to sound racist but..” is gonna make the whole comment not racist? You can not judge one whole race because of one kids actions. Lets say your white, and the same thing happened that night but they where all white. The article comes up and a black man or hispanic man wright a comment saying its cause of whites pretty much offending you, how will you feel? Racism has deffinately not let this city, nor your family

  25. annoyomous

    Yo on dogs my nigga stfu this is disrespectful af grow tf up

  26. Anonymous

    I’m just saying, it is the path he chose to live it’s the everyday struggle. The streets are cold it’s kill or be killed and to the people saying Lynn’s becoming bad or has not always been bed haven’t lived in the inner city I’ve lived in Lynn my whole life and he’s just another street soldier dropped and yes his friends are doing prison time but they chose that lifestyle. I’m only saying that sometimes you really have to rob and steal to eat your meals when the money’s not coming in, so don’t speak out of your ass when you don’t understand the personal reasoning.

  27. Kim

    I don’t know why so many people seem surprised, as if “racism” wasn’t still alive and well in the year of 2014. Ironmike never made mention of skin color in this article. Using the word “they” tend to have minorities jump to the conclusion that they are being singled out and discriminated against. I believe “they” is a reference to teenagers who choose to inherit the ridiculous style that teens across America have come to embrace, be it Black, White, Hispanic or Asian. But I see that he does have some strong views towards Blacks “playing victims” as per his reply to the anonymous commenter about whites laughing at “us”, whoever “us” maybe. Trouble will find you no matter what city you’re in, if you go looking for it. In my years in Phildadelphia, Brooklyn and now Lynn, trouble has yet to find me as I have yet to find IT. The point of this article is 1,000 percent correct. The only issue I see here is ironmike’s personal beliefs pouring out in his comment responses, only in those comments do I see some sort of seemingly recial beliefs (trying really hard to stay from the word racist, as that is a very strong word that should not be thrown around lightly) , as for this article’s message I stand by it because the overall message is one that needs to be heard. This young man killed himself, the minute he decided to place his hand on that gun. Yes by all means mourn, but please do not create a false martyr. May he rest in peace.

  28. lynn teen

    For kim they use the word color and hispanic above one of thenpictures racist

  29. Kim

    To Lynn teen. Good observation, I guess my comment is now deemed futile : ( But please don’t use words like “racist”. People seem to get in an uproar about it, because apparently practicing freedom of speech trumps remarks that would other wise be deemed as such.Welp, God bless America. And I’m a little confused, are you calling ME racist? Unless I’ve somehow magically turned in to Clayton Bigsby I don’t see how I could be racist against my fellow people of “color”. Such a strange term, did we not learn in Kindergarten that white was also considered a color? And no I am not white, I can accept reasoning when I am blatantly faced with it and have learned to look past my personal feelings and not be offended and play the “it’s because I’m black card”. Because no matter what, racism will still be around and it can’t be helped. No one is born that way, but if the influence is there, it will happen. Living in Lynn I know Guatemalans are constantly discriminated against, as most people like to refer to them by the derogatory term “Guato”. So please, do not upset yourself when you are the one being discriminated against, while on the other hand you are doing the same. YES, there ARE a lot of comments that can be deemed “racist”, some of them are from angry Lynn teens who are doing exactly what they are calling people out on. “Reverse racism”? Two wrongs don’t make a right? Surely we were all taught this at an early age.

  30. anonymous

    Kim , just shut the fuck up. Please and thank you.


    Enough! Another comment like this and I’ll DELETE everything you’ve posted.

    Try being a little polite!

  31. Kim

    Lol okay anonymous, I guess that’s all you can say when you don’t have any valid points to make. Don’t read blogs that will hurt your feelings, causing you to write comments containing unnecessary profanity.

  32. Person with common sence

    What I don’t understand is how every one can say that they looked up to him and that he was a respectful person. A respectful person does not walk around with a shotgun to go threaten a mans life. No one should be mad just because the author of this article pointed out the truth. True all if Lynn is not a ghetto like he says we are, and hoodies do not symbolize our need to kill, but people who get killed because they thought they were a badass gangster from the hood arnt someone that should be memorialized and remembered as a hero and a great person. What people need to understand that he died doing something horrible, he threatened a mans life and by luck the man had a gun on him. It was self defense and logical for him to do it. If Amoy had killed the man maybe then people would realize who he really is. I did not attend his candle lighting, not because I hated him, but because some one who thought he was a gangster and hard doesn’t deserve it. He was a bad person who tried to end another mans life for a wallet or drugs. He doesn’t deserve all this attention and praise like he’s receiving. If he had completed what he was doing and gotten caught and sent to jail ever one would post a status saying” free my nigga Amoy, he ain’t even do nothin”, when in actuality he almost killed a man stole his money. Just like with Sanchez people post us statuses saying “fuck the police, Kevin didn’t do nothin!!”, turnes out he’s charged with murder. Why do we idolize Amoy like he died an innocent death when he clearly didn’t a person with a heart does not threaten to take another mans life and does not live the “gangster” life. The young people don’t understand, even if I am one I atleast understand that he doesn’t deserve all this idolization. Even if he was your close friend, ex etc. you need to understand what he did was wrong and there’s no need to be angry when he’s told the truth. I don’t think he doesn’t deserve this death, but he doesn’t deserve all the positive attention he’s recived.


    Iron mike. You have a nerve telling anonymous to “Be Polite”. And to Kim,I’m pretty sure the blog didn’t hurt anonymous’s feelings, it’s seeing another African American (minority) become a sellout! Get over yourself. And the to all the teens, you guys sound so illiterate! Try to say your argument without profanity and with correct spelling and grammar. Thanks.

  34. Kim

    Annoyed, you sound very annoying. I’m a sell out because I’ve come to terms with the fact that racism will exist no matter what. Selling out I would assume would be me wanting my skin color to be of a different shade. Well if someone said I’m a sell on the internet, then it must be true, I must be a sell out : ( Seems there aren’t any opinions allowed on the internet anymore. If I fail at something I’m going to assume that its because of something that I did wrong, not something that my skin color did wrong. At least if I assume it’s something did I did wrong I can work towards fixing it, whatever it maybe, if I blame it on my skin color, how am I to fix that? Should I bleach my skin and all of my problems will be solved? Anyway this will be my last comment on this blog, if you have any further disagreements with what I’m saying feel free to share and maybe even label me a “sell out”, I openly welcome your opinions. What good would it be if the preacher didn’t practice what he preached. Ironmike, I can say that this blog seems to have struck a lot of sensitive chords, and no one seems so get the over all message you are trying to relay, everyone is too focused on the use of the word “color”. Anyway, good luck kids, stay in school and pay extra attention in English class, spelling and grammar becomes very important in life. And if you’re ever thinking you need to rob or steal for money (as someone previously commented saying sometimes you have to do those things to get by), remember there’s bound to be a fast food restaurant out there looking to pay you money for your services. Farewell all!

  35. "Just Another Ghetto Lynn Teen"

    Throughout this article the subject of ‘race’ and ‘decision’ seems to be the most pungent. I think there’s factors you are in the dark about, that my peers and I are highly familar with being raised in a frowned upon ‘inner city’. I left the stoop at an early age and learned how these streets work, which as a result makes me less likely to fall victim like alot of our youth. Thats right, Victim. Amoy was killed in a criminal act, a felony at that. However that doesnt diminish the fact that he fell victim to these streets. Amoy didnt grow up here, he arrived at a time in which the city was more peaceful than usual, so when things started heating back up ofcourse it would be easy for a gang to recruit someone who wasnt around for the previous gang epidemics in the area. Im sure if he was around when members of the bloods basically had civil war the way they snitched on eachother, he wouldnt have been brainwashed into the lifestlye so easily. And for the record i knew amoy personally, dont agree with his decisions, but also dont believe he deserved it. I just hope more people our age will be more of individuals …

    And to the author : I could care less on your opinion and weather you are a racist or not is irrelevant to me, because at the end of the day I pity you, not because you have to deal with your strange dislike of sweatshirts with hoods on them, but because deep down your a victim too. But not of the streets like them. Your victim to the political system. By a trip around the website i see that your a republican who hates democrats (more or less). You worship a side and hate a side.. which is one in the same, youre brainwashed by the left-right paradigm and probably really believe the lies they preach, but i digress im sure you already have some fairly tale idea of what the worlds “really like” so let me not impede on your fantasies of a crewneck sweater only world.

    Side note: anyone who see’s a typo they wish to correct can go f*ck themself
    (After all i am from lynn right? ; ) )

    Oh and kim your out of your mind if you think fast food pays enough to live off

  36. Ocean

    All legitimate facts aside the amount of ignorance and blatant disrespect shown here on all sides is disgusting and unacceptable.
    Perhaps this tragedy should have us all reflecting on the character we choose to display towards the world here people.

    I request that the author at least make an effort to correctly spell this child’s name. Disrespecting the diseased is never okay. Even Hitler gets his name spelt correctly in the texts and he slaughtered millions. You of all people should understand the importance of accuracy. Don’t be choosey about which information you decide to display correctly. Go 100% or don’t do it at all sir.

    As a product of the city of Lynn I am very privileged to have loving and compassionate parents. I have earned my associate degree in Arts, I may not being heading in a traditional route of life but I am a performer. I rap and I sing and I choose to make the way people perceive me in a way that makes them feel good.

    With that experience under my belt I find that most everyone who has decided to blaze their opinions about have made me feel terrible.

    I suggest that everyone who has chosen to speak her to be more conscious of the energy they are putting out.

    This is a tragedy and people are hurting.

    By all means speak the truth but recognize that this boys loved ones will come and read this and you will be impacting them.
    Most of them did not make the same choices as Amoy and not will they.
    Do not punish them and hurt them for wrongs they have not committed.
    Aim to make a positive difference, DO NOT chop people down.

    Does Amoy’s passing not display that you reap what you sow, or do you need to face your own tragedies before you understand?


  37. Latino Lynn Teenager

    I’m not here to argue your views on politics because this country allows us each to have the freedom to choose our own views but I only ask/ suggest one thing of you, why not find positive ways to better the situation? Why slam a group of KIDS and how they dress or choose to behave? Why use offensive words, immature pictures, etc as shock value for attention for your blog? Why not try to find a way to share your views, and actually help instead of sitting behind a keyboard whining about how you have not seen any change? Be the change. Get up and do something not only for your city and the youth of Lynn, but for yourself. It is not the land that is troubled but it is the people. I could not agree with you more on the point of kids making bad decisions inevitably lead to bad consequences, but did you really think this “article” would help those kids or is this blog more of a personal diary? What was your intention of this post, attention maybe? I think so. And just to close, does the saggy pants and the dark hoodies automatically set a target on your head regardless of the person? I was just concerned because I really hope I do not forget my belt at home and get cold and put on my hoodie

  38. lynn teenager

    First off your’re and insider looking out. How old are you to be bashing a group of teenagers who lost someone close to them. And how dare you an all these people turn this into a racial thing. Your’re literally bashing minorities. How would you feel if I wrote a blog saying how all white people do drugs and crack I dont think you’d appreciate it so dont sit there and put anyone who isnt white in one catergory and make them all look like they all commit crimes. I wasnt born in lynn but the way you potray this city is horrible and living her there isnt even alot of crimes and just like any city the violence depends on where you live. And if you are going to make a blog bashing a teenger who died at least spell his name correctly his name is Amoy Blake. Amoy Blake was a respected person he wasnt a gang member as you insinuated what you didnt know. Those kids in the photo that are “setting themselves up to die” most of those kids you bashed in in a.p and honor roll classes.. its easy to sit there and talk about what you dont know and its even more easy to do it on the Internet like a coward. Good day. One day you will feel the loss we all felt for Amoy and then youll realise that what you did was wrong god dosent like ugly and right now you are hideous.

  39. lynn teenager

    And one more thing as you sit there behind your computer screen I want to know what bave you done for the teengers. What have you done to stop “death by hoodies”

  40. Kels

    Honestly, I am 20 years old. I shouldn’t be saying this, but I really don’t give two fucks anymore. Everyone on my facebook newsfeed since I have a lot of friends who knew this boy are saying “omg he didn’t deserve to die so young” “omg he was a good person fuck the system!!” No. Just no. Stop right there. He made this pathway for himself. Seriously. Think about it you imbeciles. If he wasn’t in a gang, or if he wasn’t out on the streets breaking the law and acting like a thug, this wouldn’t have happened. Sure, not all kids die the way he did and not all gang members go the way he did, but it still happened. Okay? Gangs or not, people can still get shot but if he didn’t create this shitty situation for himself, just maybe he would have been able to stay on the Earth a little while longer. I don’t care what anyone says, but its true. He made his own deathbed, okay? Nobody “deserves” to die- we all will eventually. But you can certainly prevent the higher possibility of murder by staying out of trouble. I’m just so tired of these damn kids thinking this is the way to be. This is no life. Crime is no life. Crime is not going to bring you happiness, neither is acceptance by your gang. So stupid. I really wish these kids would stop giving us such a shitty name. I am a kind person, trust me. I sympathize, I really do. But I just wish everyone would stop blaming other people and realize that sometimes, you DO make your own deathbed.

  41. R.I.P Amoy Blake

    Listen white piece of shit stfu R.I.P my bro Amoy Blake L.C.G

  42. Sharon Matos

    Frist have to say sorry to his family and friends he happen to be a good friends of my kids. just becouae u get cought up wrong people or things doesnt mean your not a good person or didnt do good things in life if he was in a gang or not his,some one son brother Its kVery hard for teen these days I think of this kids and I say that could be my son he not bad mean killing but. Can fall in to the wrong way no matter how much i try to keep him out of the st doesnt mean his not Human so all asshole people sit tjonk.that could be your son

  43. Unknow

    This is so irrelevant your a piece of white trash don’t don’t deserve too live . SMFH I bet your a old ass person with no life . Nobody’s perfect . But you think you are n its sad . Amoy didn’t deserve to die why couldn’t he just stay in jail for a couple of years smh . Anyways everything god do is perfect but it don’t give you the right to criticize black people hope u go to hell . Rest in paradise amoy your gone and never forgot . Your just so ignorant with no common sence thinks there perfect well guess what from the bottom of my heart suck my dick you white shit . ✌️

  44. Don't move to Lynn

    I moved to Lynn, Mass. Just over a year and a half ago.
    I can honestly say. At 46 years old. This was the biggest mistake of my life.
    Our rent skyrocketed in South Boston. We wanted to find a place to affordably rent near the ocean. And close to Boston.
    And decided to try Lynn. I remember saying to my husband.
    How bad could it be? The neighborhood by the ocean beside Swampscott is absolutely beautiful. And incredibly deceiving.

    I read someplace. That Lynn was transforming itself into an up and coming trendy, artsy location. You know…. Like JP. Or the South End.

    WRONG. Another lie.
    I feel like renting a bill board sign and screaming to the world. STAY OUT OF THIS SHITHOLE OF A HELL. Lynn is not urban. The demographics are surely Urban. Don’t be fooled.

    The worst of the ignorant. The worst of bottom feeders.
    The worst of Everything.

    This is not a Tough Town. Lynn is a sad, depressing, angry, dirty, hopeless, disgusting rat hole. Rudeness and Hate eating everything up like a Cancer.

    There are no Good neighborhoods.

    Moving to Lynn, Mass. BLEW MY MIND.

    From the corrupt top down to the rats in the street.
    Total filth. And No…..THEY(all of the above). Do not anybody with an ounce of common sense to set foot.

    This city of 90,000 is full of COWARDS and Losers.
    And even the most positive attitude wouldn’t hold up for long here.

    Lynn, Mass. Is getting worse by the second.

    Lynn, Lynn The city of sin. Talks of a place long ago. A tough blue collar town. This rhyme no longer applies.
    Not sure there is even a word to describe how awful this place is.

    My stories and observations and dealings with corrupt city officials and law enforcement and just the average daily scum would make heads spin.
    Please. I beg you. Stay out of this town.