Dana Loesch Is Going After Fake News

Posted March 5th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Dana frightens so-called ‘feminists’ and liberals,  – because while she’s beautiful,  – she can think,  talk,  and shoot at the same time,  – and do it all without blaming men…

Can’t wait to watch her new shows….

6 Responses to “Dana Loesch Is Going After Fake News”

  1. Kojack

    I love Dana. She’s a straight shooter…literally. She’s one of the best things to happen to the NRA and I say that as a 40+ year life member. She’s like a real-life Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Western character only she’s hot!!!

  2. Panther 6

    Agree with Kojack. She is great and the fact that she is hot contributes to her success as a spoke person – sorry but it is a fact. She is a great asset even though sometimes she gets ambushed by the fake media – overall she is batting 500 which isn’t bad at all.

  3. Leonard Mead

    Yeah, she’s physically hot — but don’t be distracted.

    Her power is in what she SAYS — CALLING OUT the Hollywood phoneys and the multi-millionaire athletes who believe their political views are worth more than informed conservatives.

    Should be fun watching how the left responds to her show.

    Len Mead
    Unwashed Conservative

  4. Jim

    Dana takes no crap from the libs. She knows how to speak her mind and is not afraid to use it. It’s always fun to watch her discuss things with libs. Not as much fun as it is to watch Tucker, but fun nonetheless.

  5. Mt Woman

    Strong, articulate and independent, no victim with Dana. No wonder the libs can’t stand it, she scares the pants off them.

  6. Walter Knight

    Dona Loesch should run for Congress.